Peers versus People

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Some Remainer lies are subtle. Some are blatant. All are relentless

The House of Lords is debating the EU Withdrawal Bill. This is difficult to avoid if you like to keep up-to-date with the news. It seems that every hour the BBC, Sky and ITV have been determined to show us the latest peer pronouncing about Brexit and how mad the UK is to be pursuing this course.

Over and again during yesterday’s exchanges in the Lords – and in the Commons – the subject of the Single Market came up. The Single Market comes up every day, in one way or another.


The UK will still trade with EU countries after leaving the EU – deal or no deal

Over 160 countries trade with the EU – without membership of the Single Market

After 26 years, it still doesn’t work – ‘unfinished and stalled’ [Major OECD report, 2016]

It’s in 31,500 EU legal documents, so it’s an integral part of EU membership [Eur-Lex database]

The UK’s growth rate has slowed since 1992 when the Single Market started [ONS data]

Only 3.6% of UK businesses use the Single Market anyway [‘Stronger In’ website]

Happy with how the Single Market’s run, your Lordships?

On Monday we told you about the woman at the EU Commission with no business experience who is in charge of the Single Market.

Ms Bieńkowska might not have any commercial experience, but we’re sure her Masters Degree in Iranian Studies from Jagiellonian University in Krakow is proving very useful in her role as EU Commissioner for the Single Market, Industry, and SMEs.


We have produced a great deal of research on the Single Market – and some of it has been used in the mainstream media.

The one thing we have learnt over the years is that we have to keep repeating the same facts in different ways, over and over again. The reason is simple. Remainers repeat their lies over and over again. It’s not enough for us to counter these lies with facts just once. We have to do it as many times as possible.

Each of the facts above is true. We know. We spent hours or sometimes days researching each fact, using EU or international sources. The only piece of information we’ve used in that summary box that doesn’t come from the EU, the OECD, or the IMF is from the official Remain campaign – called ‘Stronger In’. From information they published on their website we extrapolated that only 3.6% of UK businesses use the Single Market – despite 100% of all British businesses paying for the ‘privilege’.

Just think about that for a moment. Even if Stronger In’s figures are wrong by a factor of two, this means that over 92.5% of British businesses aren’t benefiting from the precious Single Market which the unelected Lords have been talking about this week. And yet they’ve all been paying for it.


On a daily basis Brexit-denying MPs, journalists and commentators are telling the public that leaving the Single Market and Customs Union would mean economic disaster for businesses, people’s jobs, and the country. Sometimes this is blatant, sometimes it is subtle, but whichever it is it never stops.

We are also told that “no-one voted to leave the Single Market or the Customs Union”. This is then closely followed with something like:

“Yes, people voted to leave, but no-one voted to make the country poorer”

Videos have had to be created showing one official person after another – during the Referendum campaign and in the run-up to it – stating that leaving the EU meant leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union. The ‘official people’ included the then Prime Minister David Cameron, the then Chancellor George Osborne, the senior people in the official Remain campaign, and the official people in the Leave campaign.

When Remoaners are ridiculed with these facts they move onto something else for a while, but will then come back to the same old lies some weeks later. This is why it’s important to keep repeating the truth. We shouldn’t have to do it, but unfortunately there’s no choice.

We’ll leave you with some more thoughts which pro-Brexit MPs and commentators need to keep repeating.

The Single Market comes with unlimited immigration and subjection to EU laws.

It doesn’t work and creates costs for 96.4% of UK businesses which don’t use it.

In many ways the Single Market is the EU: bureaucratic, dictatorial, and dysfunctional

It determines what we produce, how we work, and what we can buy

The Single Market isn’t a market, it’s about politics, rules, and centralised power

The British people voted to leave this behind, to be independent, and to go global.

To say anything else is a deliberate attempt to deceive and manipulate.