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Death of a Thousand Cuts

by Dick Franklin

The Death of a Thousand Cuts was a particularly cruel form of execution used in imperial China up until about a century ago. The condemned was tied to a pole in some public place and the executioner would then start to carve off various parts of the condemned person’s anatomy. This could go on even after the victim was clearly dead, which usually resulted from blood loss and shock. Often the family of the victim would try to bribe the executioner to make sure the first cut was fatal.

China styles itself as a “People’s Republic” governed by the Communist Party, which is effectively the only legal political party in that country. In truth, it is not a people’s republic; the Chinese people have very little say in what goes on. Neither is it communist. In reality it is a country with a largely capitalist economy ruled by a self-perpetuating elite. It does not care much about its own people and even less about others.

What we know as “communism” is largely derived from Marxism. In simple terms, Karl Marx and his followers argued that the people (led of course by the Communist Party), should throw off the shackles of the capitalist ruling classes and replace this with a “Dictatorship of the Proletariat”.

There would be no need for other parties, as the sole aim of the Communist Party would be to drive forward the cause of communism. During this dictatorship, all workers in whatever country would unite. Their attitudes to each other would magically change. Eventually the state and all national boundaries would wither away, ie, there would be no government anywhere and everyone would live in perfect communist harmony: “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”.

We all know this is garbage, even the communists who never really believed it in the first place. All that communism has bequeathed the world is mega death, slavery, misery and poverty. If we take the former Soviet Union: what was the result of 70 years of the Dictatorship of the Proles? A corrupt self-serving government, various criminal gangs, a handful of disgustingly rich oligarchs and masses of poor people.

To give them their due, the Chinese have been more circumspect. However, it is still a dictatorship of the few governing millions of poor. They may no longer resort to the Death by a Thousand Cuts but it is estimated they execute 10,000 people a year with a bullet in the back of the head.

So what has all this got to do with us? Well, in my view everything. As British nationalists we are rightly concerned about immigration, law & order and the direction of society. But one of the most important of the concerns we must address is economic security. This means that so far as possible we must be masters of the strategic industries which guarantee our security and continued survival.

The strategic industries are fairly obvious. We must be able to feed, clothe, house ourselves and be able to communicate effectively. We should control power for light and heat and our industrial needs. So far as possible we should try to provide our own raw materials. We will need a vibrant manufacturing industry both for our own needs and to pay for those materials we just do not have. I might add that there are friendly countries which have abundant natural resources with which we could trade mutually.

Perhaps most of all we need to be able defend ourselves. We need better and bigger forces, equipped with the best we can provide. At the same time we need to try to move away from activities which saddle us with debt. If anything, we need to think of investing in our friends rather than letting our enemies invest in us.

We import a lot of rubbish we do not need, made by third world workers paid a pittance, while our home manufacturing industries have been allowed to dwindle and our people have had their jobs sold from under them. All that matters to the major parties and those that bank-roll them, is to make a fast buck and as far as they are concerned, the country can go to Hell.

A Patria government will take the opposite point of view. The first and only consideration will be what is in our national interest. We must do everything possible to ensure our country is safe, our people have proper jobs and that our children are properly educated.

But what is happening? Exactly the opposite. The country in effect is being subjected to the death of a thousand cuts, by selling it piece by piece to foreign powers. Our past and present governments not only look on but they also applaud this with glee. And it is not only the Chinese buying up everything they can but they are the men of the moment.

It is bad enough that you cannot by a tee shirt or an electrical appliance without it being made in China. We have to rely on the Russians for much of our gas (plus all the countries in between where the pipelines run). We now have virtually no coal mines, our steel industry has been decimated and what is left is Indian owned. Now The Chinese are going to “invest” in least one of our new power stations, which means they will effectively own it.

This is just one more “cut”; there will be others to follow. “Investment” is a two way street. The Chinese will want a large pay-back. We need to knock the cutting knife out of their hands and invest in our own power stations. This will guarantee British jobs in a wide area of economic activity. The same will apply if we take back control of all our strategic industries. The Chinese and others already have large commercial holdings in the UK as well as vast balances in sterling. The traitors of Westminster are not pawning a suit here, they are selling our country off at bargain basement prices.

Sorry folks, it is time to pull up the drawbridge. We should only import what we really need, even if it means doing without the latest piece of plastic junk from the Far East. A lot of artificial demand is created. How often do you hear that people say they “need” something when they really mean they just want it? I believe the British have a special genius with some of the best minds in the world. It is time we started using them.