Patria will solve unemployment and balance the books

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The Editor
Bournemouth Echo

Dear Editor

In his address to the Magna Academy, the Prime Minister was quite correct in seeking to eliminate the budget deficit. However, it is the way he and his cronies are going about it that I take issue with. Buying the American F35 fighter at £40 million a pop, rather than investing in the British aerospace industry and selling off the family silverware (to quote one of his more illustrious predecessors) is no way to go about it. For example, his Chancellor of the Exchequer is planning to sell off the last of our shares in Eurostar and foreign interests are gleefully lining up to buy them. And putting more misery on the unemployed and sick as a means of cutting costs totally lacks any sense of social justice or humanity. When did he last have to go to a food bank?

What needs to be done is for the British economy to be protected, so that British manufacturing industries can prosper. To quote his immediate predecessor, this will provide British jobs for British workers. This in turn will provide greater tax receipts for the Exchequer and lessen reliance on state benefits. This will also have the advantage of preventing other countries building up large Sterling balances and thereby reducing their ability to buy up our country. Not only is Mr Cameron selling our seed corn he is selling our safety as a nation as well.

Yours faithfully

Dick Franklin
Patria Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bournemouth West