Patria v the rest

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Dr Andrew Emerson will be Patria’s candidate in the election of a councillor for the Chichester West Electoral Division of West Sussex County Council, on Thursday, 2 May.

Andrew will also be Patria’s candidate in the by-election for the North Ward of the Chichester City [Parish] Council held on the same day.

Andrew has lived on the west of the city for more than twenty years and is resolutely opposed to construction on the Whitehouse Farm or any other greenfield site.

A strong vote for Patria on Thursday, 2 May, will send a powerful signal to the political Establishment and make them renounce their daft plan to desecrate our community.

If you would like to help Andrew’s campaign to save our city, please get in touch via the web site, telephone 01243 533932, or write to Andrew at 64A Cedar Drive, Chichester PO19 3EJ.