Patria says: hands off our open spaces!

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The feebleness of Chichester District Council’s ‘consultation’ process is easily explained.

The Council knows that its Local Plan is so deservedly unpopular that it hopes as few residents as possible learn of it until it’s too late. In other words, till after the ‘consultation’ period has ended and the impending local elections are safely out of the way.

At that point, depending upon the strength of the hostile reaction, as measured by the election results, the infamous Plan to desecrate our city will be adjusted so as to allocate smaller numbers of new houses to those areas whose residents showed the strongest opposition at the ballot box.

Residents of the Chichester area should stand together and refuse to allow the Council to play off one community against another. We will all be equally badly affected should this unacceptable scheme go ahead.

What is needed is a united response, from every residents’ group, every parish and every candidate: no building on our greenfield sites!

Dr Andrew Emerson

Patria County Candidate for Chichester West and
North Ward Candidate for the City Council

Chichester Observer