Patria policy on Brexit

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We shall withdraw from the European Union, denouncing all of its treaties, including EURATOM, making no new ones with it and leaving all of its institutions, agencies and mechanisms. These include its councils, commission, ‘parliament’, courts of justice and auditors, customs union, single market, CAP, CFP, EIB, CFSP and EEAS. Also included is the ‘EU army’, ie, CSDP, EDIDP, MPCC, EDA, EDF, EPF, EUB, MM, ATHENA and CARD, to much of which we were signed up after the 2016 Referendum decision to leave the EU.

We shall leave without further delay, without a further referendum and without paying a ‘divorce bill’ of billions of pounds that we have no legal or moral obligation to pay. We shall demand the return of our share of the EU’s assets, to which we have contributed over the last forty-six years. Once we have left, our UK parliament, courts, businesses and people will no longer be subject to the direct effect and supremacy of EU law and the jurisdiction of the CJEU.

Following withdrawal we shall trade with the rest of the world via a combination of WTO rules and, initially with non-EU countries only, free trade agreements. We shall then be at liberty to set our own tariffs and quotas, within WTO rules, across the range of our imports at levels which will be most beneficial for each of our home industries as well as our consumers. This will result in much more affordable food, clothing and footwear prices in the shops, an increase in jobs and exports and a vast improvement in the public finances. The balance of payments deficit will be eliminated and the national debt gradually reduced.

The vast sums saved by no longer contributing to the EU budget and other EU funds (equivalent to forty-one million pounds per day) will be used to help finance Britain’s re-industrialization and economic regeneration.

Vote Patria.