Patria opposes the Daft Plan

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Do the people of Chichester appreciate how privileged they are to live in such a beautiful, salubrious and historic city?
A large part of Chichester’s unique charm is surely its small size, in conjunction with its urban amenities, historic setting and closeness to the beautiful coast and countryside of Sussex.
How can one put a price on the quality of life enjoyed by the fortunate residents of our city?
And yet that would appear to be exactly what Chichester District Council, at the behest of Whitehall, proposed, with their Daft Local Plan for new housing.
With an expanding population, caused by mass immigration and a high immigrant birth-rate, there is a demand for new housing, which central government has no qualms about intervening in the market in order to satisfy.
A few wealthy developers and their politician friends stand to become even wealthier, while the people of Chichester will have lost something priceless.
While people should certainly respond to the Council’s Plan, the most effective response would be to vote Patria in the County Council elections on 2 May.
Patria’s policy is the ‘Zero option’ (you won’t find it in the Council’s Plan) of no building on greenfield sites.
To contact Patria please visit, or write to 64A Cedar Drive, Chichester.
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