Patria opposes privatization of NHS

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Public has false security with NHS

Published on 12 April 2013 
I fear the public is being lulled into a false sense of security regarding the NHS.

On April 1 the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) came into legal force. It has been the stated intention of this government that GPs will control the contracts that they make for the healthcare of their patients. This now seems to be in doubt.

The amendment of the NHS Act 2012 will make it obligatory to put most services out to competitive tender (ie ask for bids from private companies rather than leaving a contract with the NHS).

Many GPs have financial stakes in the non-NHS companies competing for contracts. This conflict of interest will require them to withdraw from the contracting process, and thus leave GPs in a minority for CCG decision-making.

Chichester has shown in the past it cares deeply about St Richard’s Hospital, and has worked hard to secure its future.

I think your readers need to be aware the future is no longer secure.

Dr Diana Brighouse


Dr Andrew Emerson comments

4:07 PM on 15/04/2013

The NHS, like other cherished public services, such as the Post Office, is being hollowed out and softened up for privatization.

I would draw a parallel between what has been planned for the NHS by Whitehall and what the Council, at its behest, proposes to enable property developers to do to Chichester’s natural environment.

Both are driven by the profit motive, at the expense of the well-being of ordinary people (ie, those without a financial investment in the companies which stand to profit from the schemes) and both are, for this reason, unacceptable and should be resisted.

Patients’ and relatives’ groups should meet concerned employees and their representatives locally, in order to plan and to implement a new campaign of opposition to any further privatization moves.

If I may be of any help in this campaign, I will be happy to become involved.

Chichester Observer