Patria makes its mark

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Here are the results of Patria’s first electoral outing, in the West Sussex County Council elections and a by-election in the North Ward of Chichester City [Parish] Council.

Chichester West Electoral Division

Con   1691

UKIP    716

LD       339

Lab      326

Patria     26  (0.83%)

Total   3098

Chichester North Ward

Con     782

UKIP    397

LD       341

Lab      215

Patria     18  (1.00%)

Total   1753

As I said to the reporter from the local paper, the Chichester Observer:

I am quite pleased with these results. They are quite good considering this was Patria’s first electoral outing and that we chose not to produce any leaflets on this occasion.

We shall fight on, contesting further elections (though not the Euro-pig-trough kind) in the future and growing in strength and confidence.

For purposes of comparison here is the result of another nationalist party (that has been around rather longer than Patria) – from the West Midlands. The figures show the number of votes received, percentage share of the vote and place out of the number of candidates standing.

Clent Hills   BNP  11  (0.4%)  5th out of 5 candidates

No “surprises”, ‘miracle weapons’ or ALFRED there.

In common with every other patriotic party Patria won no seats in these elections but, unlike certain other nationalist parties, neither did we suffer the humiliation of losing any. We raised our public profile, gaining plenty of free publicity, including a mention on BBC Newsnight and signed up some new members in the course of the campaign.

All in all, a job well done.

Other patriotic parties are on the way down, we’re on the way up.

Thank you to everyone who helped in the elections, who joined Patria, who wished us well and who voted for us.

This is only the beginning.