Patria makes its mark in three elections

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In three local elections held on Thursday, 4 May, Patria Candidate, Dr Andrew Emerson, polled the following:-

West Sussex County Council, Chichester West Electoral Division: 21 votes (Vote share 0.53%)

Chichester District Council by-election, East Wittering Ward: 18 votes (Vote share 1.35%)

Chichester City Council by-election, Chichester West Ward: 48 votes (Vote share 3.11%)

Patria’s share of the vote in the County Council election for Chichester West was slightly less than its vote share for the same electoral division in 2013. Four years ago, on a significantly lower turn-out, Patria polled 0.83%, making our vote share this year 0.3% less than in 2013.

Our share of the vote in the City Council by-election for Chichester West was also less than it was for the same ward in 2015. Two years ago, on a very much higher turn-out due to the general election, in which Andrew was Patria Parliamentary Candidate for Chichester, being held on the same day, we took a 5.1% vote share in the City Council election for the West Ward. This year, on a turn-out about half the size of two years ago, our share of the vote was down by 2%.

This suggests that, other things being equal, when voter turn-out is only slightly higher than usual for a local election, as it was this year, Patria’s vote share can be adversely affected. But when voter participation is exceptionally high for a local election, as in 2015, Patria’s share of the vote tends to increase considerably.

On an equally positive note, Patria’s result in East Wittering, a ward not contested by the party before and achieved without any leafleting, was encouraging and augurs well for the future. It compares very favourably with Patria’s most recent CDC by-election result, in Westbourne in 2013, of 0.6%, achieved following a full leafleting of the ward.

Of course, the extraordinary circumstance of a general election having been announced affected the local elections this year. The former Remainer, Theresa May, wrapped herself in the Brexit issue and pretended to be a patriot in the manner of Thatcher before the 1979 general election. And this contributed to a collapse in the UKIP vote of which her party was the major beneficiary. Such are the vicissitudes of politics. As patriots our time may not be yet, but it is coming.

Andrew warmly thanks every patriot who voted Patria and promises not to go away but to fight, fight and fight again for the freedom of our country.

Patria, the Home of Patriots, neither left nor right but patriotic.

Join us in the fight for freedom!

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