Patria makes its mark again

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Here are the results by party of the Westbourne Ward by-election to Chichester District Council.

Con 184 (41.3%)

UKIP 106 (23.8%)

Green 85 (19.1%)

LD 68 (15.2%)

Patria 3 (0.6%)

As Patria’s candidate I should like to thank everyone who voted for us. Every vote counts, every vote is precious. 

As a new party we achieved our objective in standing in this election, which was to get our name out there, to garner as much free publicity as possible and to promulgate Patria’s message of truth and hope.

About a thousand copies of Patria’s generic recruitment leaflet were delivered to virtually the entire ward.

I also spoke at a well-attended hustings which had been kindly arranged by a public-spirited group of villagers. Patria’s stance on immigration was heard in silence. It was only when I explained to the meeting that Catastrophic Man-made Global Warming theory (‘Climate change’ for short) was both unproven and bogus, that any dissenting voices were raised in the audience.

On the evening following the hustings I attended another packed public meeting in the village, this one organized by the campaign against the proposed Long Copse Lane housing development. I intend to continue to support this campaign. Keep an eye on the site for updates.

The ward appears to be at least 98% English and many of the residents are elderly folk. Residents are naturally concerned to protect their lovely environment but, as yet, too many fail to make the connection between the ‘open door’ immigration policy of the governing parties (and UKIP) and the increased demand for new housing, especially in the South East of England.

As a sign of the times: ten years ago Labour came second in this ward; yesterday they did not even have a candidate. Perhaps they didn’t fancy being beaten by Patria.

Thanks also to Patria Leader, Ian Johnson and Rick Cotee for their support at the Count.

Bring on the next contest!