Patria increases its share of the vote in both CDC and City elections

By May 3, 2019February 18th, 2021No Comments

After an energetic campaign that saw more than 2,000 leaflets delivered by hand in the newly enlarged Chichester West ward, Patria candidate Dr Andrew Emerson increased the party’s average share of the vote in both the elections fought.

These were elections to the Chichester District Council and Chichester City (Parish) Council, held as usual on the same day, Thursday, 2 May.

Despite competition from both a UKIP candidate and an Independent in the CDC election, Patria increased its share of the vote from the share won four years ago in 2015. In 2015 we won a 3.12% share of the vote, but on this occasion 3.82%, an increase of 0.7%. This increase is the more impressive in that it was achieved on a much lower turn-out due to no general election being held on the same day, unlike in 2015.

The increase in Patria’s average share of the vote in the City Council election was even larger than in the CDC election. Four years ago, in 2015, Patria scored an average vote share of 5.1%, while this year it was 6.2%, an increase of 1.1%. If a comparison is made with the West ward by-election to the City Council that Patria contested two years ago in 2017, the increase is an even larger 3.1%.

These figures largely speak for themselves. While the numbers may seem small, everything starts small. The increasing support for a genuine patriotic approach to government demonstrated in these election results is nothing less than very encouraging for the future.

The large number of spoilt ballot papers seen at the count was particularly striking, as were some of the things written on them.

There is no need to do more than mention in passing the Conservatives’ loss of the CDC to ‘no overall control’, or the election of two Labour councillors in the East ward, as Lib-Lab-Con are effectively one party, led by Anglophobic traitors intent upon the economic and political enslavement of the country to foreign powers. There is nothing to choose between these ostensible competitors as they are equally bad. Let them fill up the cup, because a reckoning is coming.

A big “thank you” to every sensible patriot who voted for Patria candidate Dr Andrew Emerson.