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Creation of a new party

Published on Saturday 23 February 2013
Dr Emerson proudly announced the creation of a new Party, Patria.

Oddly, he neglected to tell us this is one of two recent break-aways from the BNP (the other being the British Democratic Party, or True Brits as it did originally call itself).

So, what’s new, apart from the millennial in-fighting of the far right, and cults of personality?

Will Patria put up candidates here?

The epithet about being as welcome as a rattlesnake in a lucky dip comes to mind…

What of the BNP and also BDP?

The BNP, already staggering from internal and financial crises, has been dealt a pretty mortal blow – by its loyal members.

I have read the brief constitution online but it says nothing as to who can join, how membership is determined/accepted/removed.

Intriguingly it also states: “Dual membership of Patria and another political party is permissible”, but also: “No member shall, as an independent, contest an election to public office in which the party has an official candidate.”

And (of course): “Members may organise within the party with a view to changing its leadership, constitution or policies, but shall not form a party within the party.

No group having its own distinctive programme, policies and propaganda may operate within the party.”

It DOESN’T say that a Patria member who is also a member of, say, BNP, couldn’t stand for the latter in an election.

Rum state of affairs.

Jan Cosgrove

Bognor Regis

Dr Andrew Emerson replies
6:36 PM on 02/03/2013

Patria welcomes applications for membership from British patriots and nationalists, regardless of any current or former party affiliations.

Please visit the Patria web site, at and join online via PayPal, or write to Patria at 64A Cedar Drive, Chichester PO19 3EJ.

The briefer a party’s constitution is, the more likely it is to be read and understood. If a party’s constitution were to attempt to stipulate everything that a member could not do, then it would need to be even longer than that of the Labour Party. Brevity is a much underrated virtue in such documents.

Will Patria stand candidates in Bognor Regis? As Asquith used to say “Wait and see”.

As for “millennial in-fighting” (I think he means ‘perennial’ in-fighting) I think I can safely say that Patria will not stand candidates against any other genuinely patriotic party.

Which means that Lib-Lab-Con and UKIP are fair game, of course!

Bognor Regis Observer