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Dr Andrew Emerson

9:32 PM on 04/03/2013

Many of the most serious problems afflicting our society and economy have at their root successive governments’ policy of encouraging the mass immigration of ethnic aliens, which began in earnest in 1948, with the passing of the British Nationality Act.

What are these problems? Other than a much higher crime rate, perhaps the most serious is the mass unemployment and underemployment of our people, particularly our young people. And when I refer to “our people” I mean the English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish, rather than post-1948 non-white immigrants.

Who were the GPs, hospital doctors and nurses prior to 1948? Our people and they provided excellent care in the main. No patients starved to death for lack of care in British hospitals then and patients had no difficulty understanding staff, because the staff spoke English as their mother tongue.

Millions on the dole, yet still they come. How many hundreds of thousands of Romanians and Bulgarians will be bowling up next year, all legally entitled to milk the benefits and public services that our parents and grandparents created for our people?

Freedom of speech is yet another right that is jeopardized by continuing immigration, particularly from Muslim countries which have no tradition of, or respect for it.

Still, not to worry. As long as you can watch re-runs of the Olympics all’s well.

Tetley Bitter

9:54 PM on 04/03/2013

And voila! True colours! Statement about ‘non whites’, grandiose links to historical acts with hysterical extrapolation sadly lacking in evidence to support your assertion. You are a racist. Your party is racist. Thank you for showing your true colours.

Dr Andrew Emerson replies

11:21 PM on 04/03/2013

Oh dear, the “racist” card, which is supposed to trump reasoned argument and send politicians fleeing, whimpering and snivelling, in all directions.

Well, not this politician.

My true colours and those of Patria, are the red, white and blue of the Union Jack. And these colours don’t run.

Chichester Observer