Patria flies the flag in Bournemouth

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Patria’s splendid local candidate, Kevin Dixon, polled an impressive eight votes for a 0.3% share of the vote in the Kinson South by-election in Bournemouth yesterday.

In a wholly unnecessary by-election caused by incompetence and the vanity of a Labour ex-councillor, Patria is the only party to emerge with credit from the shambles. At a time when austerity cuts are being made to the local services on which the residents of Kinson South rely, the Labour Party’s priority is not to oppose them but to add to the financial burden on council tax payers.

Patria did not leaflet the entire ward, or even half of it, in the short time available. We had never fought an election in the ward before and were relatively unknown. But despite all these handicaps and the inevitable hostility of the media, Patria scored eight votes. Eight votes for nationalism, as spelt out in uncompromising terms in our leaflets. There might easily have been not a single vote. Instead there were eight.

But eight votes or eight million, the fight goes on, the fight to reclaim our land and restore it to our folk, its rightful owners.

Fighting this and other elections may appear to the unenlightened to be fighting losing battles. But viewed in the right way, from the perspective of the long term, these contests are the indispensable stepping stones, the baby steps, to the growth of our party, to its recognition by the public and to the eventual victory of nationalism.

Patria is the one and only party to stand against the political and media Establishment’s jihad against the English.

Vote No to EUrabia at the forthcoming referendum.

Patria, the Home of Patriots, neither left nor right but patriotic.

Join us in the fight for freedom!