Patria exceeds expectations yet again

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In today’s by-election in the East Ward held to fill a vacancy on the Chichester City Council, the parish council for the city of Chichester, the result for Patria was:

18 votes or 1.71% of the poll

This was an excellent result in a ward in which Patria was standing a candidate for the first time.

Thank you to each of the very sensible patriotic electors of the East Ward who voted Patria.

The words of Winston Churchill come to mind, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”. And “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”.

The most appropriate comparison is with Patria’s result in the by-election to the North Ward of the City Council, held in 2013, five years ago. This was 1.00% and was achieved without leafleting. So today’s result in the East Ward, also contested for the first time by Patria, suggests an almost doubling of support.

Only approximately one third of the ward was leafleted, with two different Patria leaflets, about a thousand in total being delivered.

Update: 17 August

A certain local “newspaper” claims to report the results of this by-election, but in fact mentions each of the candidates bar one. Patria and its candidate, Dr Andrew Emerson, does not receive a mention.

Regrettably, this is typical of the politically motivated fake news peddled by organs of the rotten Establishment media. What can they be running scared of?

Bring on the next contest!

Update: 17 August 16:02

The local rag has finally, after a complaint by both email and phone, managed to correct their “article” on the by-election result, including, as they should have from the beginning, a reference to both Patria and its candidate, myself. They say “Patria’s Andrew Emerson finished with 18 votes”. What the cub reporter or sub-editor may not appreciate is that yesterday’s 18 votes can become tomorrow’s 180 votes, next month’s 1,800 votes, next year’s 18,000 votes and…but I’m sure you get the idea. In fact, I expect they do as well. Is it this possibility they fear?