Patria doubles vote share in Chichester

By December 13, 2019February 18th, 2021No Comments

Patria candidate Dr Andrew Emerson polled 109 votes in Chichester yesterday, doubling the party’s share of the vote in 2017 from 0.1% to 0.2%.

This is the largest tally of votes Patria has ever won in a single seat at a general election.

It is a splendid achievement, made all the sweeter by the fact that the vote share of Johnson’s fake Brexit party (“Get Remain dung”) fell by 2.3%.

As usual Patria had to contend with media bias and censorship, having been unfairly excluded from public hustings at Chichester Cathedral.

And the BBC conveniently seems to get its sums wrong when calculating the increase in vote share on 2017 of Patria

Which all goes to show that despite doing its best to ignore Patria, the rotten Establishment is in fact well aware of who we are and what we stand for and is running scared of the truth. If not, why not publish the correct percentage for our increase in vote share as they do with all the other parties and why exclude us from the hustings?

Patria is now again on an upward trajectory. Our party has a future. But what kind of future does our country have, governed by a gang of traitors who put party before country? What kind of future can we expect as our vital interests, such as regaining control of our territorial waters, our money, borders and laws, are all betrayed by the phony comedian in Downing Street?

Not taking back control may well be part of a cryptoremainer plot to make a protracted and extendable so-called transition period so costly and unpleasant for the country that a campaign to reverse what has never actually been achieved, namely leaving the EU, gathers momentum, with Brexit being blamed for the effects of EU enabled sabotage.

Farage now agrees with me that the May-Johnson written in Berlin surrender treaty is a fake Brexit. Leaving with a clean WTO Brexit is the only way of really leaving. And before anyone says that no other country trades only on WTO rules, I should point out that as the world’s fifth largest economy we are big enough to do so successfully.

200 other countries together sell more than a trillion pounds of exports to the EU each year. The 39 countries, including the USA, China and Russia, which sell the most exports to the EU do so without having a free trade agreement with it, let alone allowing ‘free movement’ (read immigration in the millions), paying billions of pounds for market access or signing away fishing rights, etc.

Many thanks to the 109 patriots who voted Patria at this election. We are not going away and history is on our side. As we shall see.