Patria Candidates Dick Franklin (Bournemouth West) and Dr Andrew Emerson (Chichester)

A smart hotel on Bournemouth’s West Cliff provided the prestigious setting for a recent meeting of Patria, at which members voted unanimously to back the candidature of Dick Franklin for Bournemouth West at next year’s general election.

Dick delivered a powerful and moving address, on the need for government to adopt policies which put our people first. Foremost among these are the ending of immigration by persons not of British ancestry and Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. These and other patriotic measures will jointly have the effect of regenerating industry and creating full employment, thereby helping to assure the long-term prosperity of the economy.

As he rightly said, ‘Patria is the only British nationalist party and the only party worth supporting.’

Dick made a pledge to the electorate of Bournemouth West that, if elected, he will neither employ members of his family on his MP payroll, nor claim expenses.

Dick received a standing ovation for his speech.

Dr Andrew Emerson then proposed Dick as Patria’s Candidate for Bournemouth West. The motion was seconded by Patria Leader, Ian Johnson and carried by acclamation.

Both Ian and Andrew also made speeches which were well received. At one point in his speech Andrew said ‘If Patria is the underdog then we’re in a good position to bite the top-dog in his most sensitive parts. And we will.’

A lively discussion ensued, capably chaired by Patria Chairman, Dennis Whiting.

A former civil servant with a distinguished career in Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise and HMRC, Dick lives with his wife in nearby Wimborne Minster.

Members eagerly helped themselves from the literature stall, taking away numerous copies of Patria, Dick’s news-letter in support of the party, the Manifesto and leaflets.

A silent collection and the recruitment of a number of new members, who were issued with the prized membership card, rounded off a highly successful event for Patria.

Patria now has two candidates in place for the 2015 General Election.

Any other patriot who wishes to be considered for adoption as a candidate for Patria, Britain’s leading patriotic party, at either the general or a local election next year, should get in touch without delay.