Patria censored – for doing too well

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9:28 AM on 09/04/2013

What happened to you representing the racist BNP Dr Andrew Emerson?? When you got outed as a member, you said this:

“I’m a political animal. I intend to continue as a political activist for the BNP and hope to represent them in further elections so I’m entirely happy with it”

Now off that bandwagon are we? Jumping onto a contentious topic like housing to exploit for your racist views?

If we had a decreasing population, how would we pay for the pensions of those coming up to retirement? Hopefully like you in a few years? So everything is down to immigration is it? No population increase due to anything else other than immigration? Even the Daily Mail says it’s only 55% of growth in population and that is highly centred in London, so we’d still need more houses regardless. But that’s not part of your very important agenda.

I do hope no-one falls for your trick of being anti-development (which fits in very nicely with the Chichester Observer – what with it never leaving the front page), when in fact you are a former/current BNP member who has some very very dodgy views.

Dr Emerson replies

This is not about me but about saving our city from the desecration that the Council has planned for it.

However, since you have chosen to distract attention from the issue in question by personalizing the debate, I shall say this: I never made any secret about my membership of the BNP (I stood as a candidate for them in the 2005 general election within a few months of joining the party) and so I was never “outed” as a BNP member.

The protection of our natural environment is not a bandwagon as far as I am concerned, but rather an abiding concern. I opposed building on greenfield sites when I was in the BNP and before that when I was with the Labour Party. I have always had the courage of my convictions and put country before party. If more politicians had the backbone necessary to do the same then the country would not be in the mess that it is in.

Do you imagine that immigrants do not also grow old and claim a pension from the state? If the population declined then the number of elderly people would also decline, as would the number of the unemployed.

As for that fount of wisdom the Daily Mail, they acknowledge that more than half of the increase in population between 2001 and 2011 is a direct result of immigration and that most of the rest is also (indirectly) a result of it because of the very high birthrate of certain groups of immigrants who share the same religion.

The remainder of the increased demand for housing is attributable to successive Lib-Lab-Con governments’ anti-marriage and anti-family policies resulting in an increase in one-adult households.

Your definition of “dodgy views” seems to be any which you find yourself unable to rebut. Ad hominem attacks on me are no substitute for the rational argument which you evidently lack. You have my sympathy.


The foregoing reply was posted by me on Tuesday afternoon, 9 April. It stayed up for a few hours before both it and all of my earlier comments on the Chichester Observer’s web site were deleted by the paper’s staff. I can’t think why. Unless they were too good.

As the candidate of a patriotic party I have been debarred from posting further comments on the newspaper’s web site.

However, the comments by jambon and others impugning me were, naturally, left up by the Observer.