Dick Franklin is Patria Parliamentary Candidate for Bournemouth West at the General Election on 7 May. He has lived in Dorset for 28 years and has family connections in the county going back to the 1920s.

A strong family man, Dick has been happily married for 41 years and has a married daughter. He also had a grown-up son until his untimely death last year.

Dick has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a Customs and Excise Officer, working on the full range of indirect taxes, both in Britain and overseas.

He was, on two separate occasions, commended for bravery in the course of his duties. Subsequently, he became a tax specialist with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, working in its Large Business Division dealing with a number of multinational companies. Dick took early retirement a few years ago.

Dick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a Master of Arts degree in American History and Politics. He has done voluntary work in mental health for many years, in addition to other work for the community.

Dick has considerable experience as a leader within nationalism and has stood for public office before. In concert with a number of other like-minded nationalists he helped launch Patria in December 2012.

Why should you vote for a new political party like Patria?

Firstly, because, unlike every other party, Patria is not funded by wealthy donors who influence policy behind the scenes. This means we can honestly represent your interests rather than those of big financial backers.

Himself a man of proven integrity and unblemished reputation, Dick is appalled at the greed and corruption of many MPs, peers, MEPs and councillors, whose only concern, when they are not pandering to Muslim rape gangs, whining about events of 70 years ago, or buggering our children, is to enrich themselves from the public purse.

If elected, Dick pledges to donate the whole of his parliamentary salary after tax to local causes.

He pledges to claim only the minimum of expenses and to make his expense returns and vouchers available for any constituent to see.

He pledges he will not employ any member of his family in any capacity.

And he pledges not to seek or accept any offer of paid employment while he is your MP, or afterwards.

Bournemouth West is a constituency with a history of nationalist campaigning and has been carefully chosen as one of Patria’s two target seats at the general election.

Patria is the one and only party with both the courage and the intelligence to put our people first.

Patria, the Home of Patriots, neither left nor right but patriotic.

Good Luck to Dick and remember: Vote Franklin, Vote Patria on 7 May!