Patria appoints Acting Dorset Organizer

By July 17, 2013February 18th, 2021No Comments

A highly successful meeting by the sea was the congenial occasion for the appointment of Patria’s first Organizer for Dorset.

A founding member of Patria, the newly appointed officer thanked the meeting for its vote of confidence and said that he was looking forward to making Patria the party of choice for the county’s patriots.

Several hundred copies of the new Patria leaflet ‘Social Engineering at its most pernicious’ were taken away for distribution and plans for a social gathering in the New Forest were discussed.

Dr Andrew Emerson made the point that Patria is a democratic party of nationalist patriots, which does not subscribe to the cult of personality so evidently afflicting certain of its political rivals.

This fact explains these other parties’ continuing decline in membership, while Patria’s membership continues to grow prolifically.

Quietly confident is the English way in politics.