Patria annihilates a ‘one world’ race mixer in debate

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de Montfort Replying Birdseye 10:18pm Mon 18 Jan 16

Ah, the old melting pot delusion. Good luck with that – you’ll need it.

Just look at South Africa, the basket case ‘rainbow nation’ to get an idea of how this is likely to work out in practice.

The mixed race offspring of unions, which are often only temporary in any case, between partners of different races find that instead of being accepted by blacks, whites and Asians, they are rejected and are only welcomed by other mixed race people – who constitute a distinct ethnic group in their own right.

But if, just for the sake of argument, racial intermarriage is a good thing, why is it against the law in Israel?

Birdseye Replying de Montfort 9:14am Tue 19 Jan 16

Did you ever live in South Africa during the era of apartheid, when every persons life, education and aspirations were – if they were not white – limited in law by the shade of their skin?

Of course the country is still adjusting, but new generations will help sweep away the old. What is remarkable, thanks to one black-skinned man, is that the change to was virtually bloodless.

I can hardly believe your final comment, but it does truly reveal what your party is all about – and perhaps why it has such limited electoral results.

However, in response : Because, ironically and to their eternal shame, and just as Nazi laws prohibited marriage between ‘Aryans’ and Jews, Israel’s laws identify Arabs as Untermenschen.

de Montfort Replying Birdseye 11:40am Tue 19 Jan 16

The great majority of blacks, Asians and people of mixed race living in South Africa under the old ‘Aparthood’ dispensation were economically better off than they are now in the ‘rainbow nation’ some twenty years after the transition.

‘Of course the country is still adjusting…’ You sound like an apologist for the Soviet Union in 1937.

Why should you be surprised by my mentioning Israel in connection with race laws? Would you prefer everyone to keep schtum about ‘racism’ that supposedly benefits Jews?

Patria’s election results are most encouraging. Despite all the puffing of you know who on BBC Question Time and by the commercial media, and all their wealthy immigrant backers U**P are a busted flush.

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