Pakistani family of frauds preyed on pensioners

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‘Ferociously greedy’ fraud family tricked pensioners in a £1.3 million cold-calling scam to finance their own life of luxury

A family of frauds who tricked pensioners out of £1.3 million which they spent on expensive cars and watches were jailed for over twenty years.

The ‘ferociously greedy’ Mohammed family cold-called victims posing as fraud advisers from Visa or high-street banks and saying they had been targeted in a scam.

Led by Atif Mohammed, 25, the family then invited their victim to hang up and redial their own bank’s fraud team themselves to gain their trust.

But they stayed on the line, intercepted the return call and either put on a fake voice or handed the phone to another family member to pose as a legitimate bank official.

At least 42 elderly and vulnerable people from across the UK were encouraged to transfer their savings – up to £129,000 in one case – into another bank account.

The frauds then spent the money ‘like water’ – on luxury cars including a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo, a white Land Rover, a Ferrari and a Mercedes, Bristol Crown Court heard.

It also funded designer bags, gold, expensive watches, gambling ventures and trips abroad, including repeat visits to Dubai where they bought a house.

The Mohammeds, originally from Pakistan, called thousands of people using dozens of phones over 13 months as part of the ‘vishing’ – voice phishing – scam between December 2013 and January 2015.

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