Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings

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Oh, What A Surprise!

by Dick Franklin

Under the powers that be (for the present) we went through a ‘multi-racial’ phase before reaching the present ‘multicultural’ society which we all value so much (it’s called irony). They tried to tell us that children learned ‘racism’ from their parents and other prejudiced adults. Children, if left to themselves, would take no heed of any racial characteristics of other children. They used tell us over and over again that it was nurture, not nature, that caused ‘racism’.

A study carried out by the University of Washington, no less, has found that this is not the case. They have found that babies left to themselves will use ‘racial bias’ when choosing playmates. To quote the report ‘The study shows that babies use basic distinctions, including race to cleave the world apart by groups…’

So there you go. Racial preference is born in us as we always said. And for very good reasons. I can remember when certain leftist groups used to claim that there was no such thing as race. It was all a plot by the ruling classes, to keep the workers from uniting. I have not heard that argument lately.

If you are wondering why I use the term racism in parenthesis, it is because I do not know what it means. It is thrown about everywhere but I have yet to hear it adequately defined. Any offers?