Our name is Patria

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12:49pm Sat 9 May 2015

Dr Andrew Emerson says…

What do you mean ‘Dick Franklin, for the Patria party only recorded 99 votes’? This was a brilliant result for Patria, bearing in mind the fact that it is a new party and this was its first electoral outing in Bournemouth.

Unlike all the other parties, Patria is not funded by wealthy donors who influence policy behind the scenes. This means that we are able honestly to represent your interests, rather than those of wealthy financial backers.

Patria had by far the best manifesto of all the parties in this election. And Dick Franklin showed he was head and shoulders above the other candidates, in terms of his qualifications and ability to do the job of representing the people of Bournemouth West as their MP. Well done, Dick!

Flying the flag of patriotic nationalism, as Patria does, is a victory in itself.

Remember the name, Patria: you’ll be hearing it again.

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