Our aim is victory at all costs

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Mrs May simply doesn’t get it. She doesn’t understand the EU mentality, despite being made to look foolish by them so many times since she became Prime Minister.

In essence the PM is agreeing to remain hooked into the structures, obligations, and payment schedules of the EU’s appalling defence and security apparatus – the ‘EU Army’ for short.

You do not get what you want with these people by rolling over. Security and Defence are jewels in the UK’s crown when it comes to negotiations with the EU. These cannot simply be given away as the PM seems intent on doing.

The EU elites are not completely stupid. They know they need the UK in order to preserve some semblance of safety on their streets and in order to defend Europe. Without the UK’s full co-operation on both these matters, the EU is in serious trouble.

For decades the vast majority of the EU’s member states failed to invest in their defence and security. For decades individual member states couldn’t even amalgamate their own security forces, resulting in literally dozens of security agencies operating in one country and none of them talking to each other.

Then when it came to co-operating across borders within the EU, the situation was even more laughable.

We know this partly through our research and because of what former security chiefs are prepared to say privately. It may not be politically ‘correct’ to say so, but we’ve heard some countries’ security set-ups being described by those who should know as “a joke”.

Mrs May has neither the gravitas nor the innate authority required to negotiate with the EU. When it comes to defence she is clueless. When it comes to security she draws on her experience as Home Secretary, when it is alleged that a decision was never knowingly made in months when it could be agonized over for years.

Let’s not forget, this was the woman who presided over the UK’s borders and immigration policy when it was the government’s openly declared target to reduce ‘net migration’ [itself a meaningless concept] to the tens of thousands. She didn’t even come close in six years. In fact when you look at the lack of any initiatives taken by the Home Office under her tenure, it looks as if she barely even tried.

Word of advice, Prime Minister. Tell the EU that, in line with their policy of trying to make the UK pay for absolutely everything they can think of, whether it’s owing or not, you will be presenting them with a bill for the UK’s continued assistance in keeping them safe.

Given the enormous cost of defence and security when it’s done properly, that should make them sit up.

[Sources: Munich Security Conference 2018] 06.55am, 18 Feb 2018


Name: J Slater, UK Date/Time: 18 Feb 2018, 11.46am

Message: ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going.’ May is the equivalent of Chamberlain the appeaser who was all for negotiating with the German aggressor, Hitler. May is clearly one of those people who yearn to be liked. She desperately wants to please the wrong people: the wannabe dictators of the EU. As such, she has shown herself to be nauseatingly weak, denigrating Britain and the British. She makes us appear a soft touch, whereas we actually hold all the cards. Where, oh where, is our equivalent of Winston Churchill? He protected us during our ‘Darkest Hour’. He magnificently out-manoeuvred a ruthless German onslaught, against all the odds. He took on the task of defending Britain and Europe. Fat thanks he got for that after the War and fat thanks Britain gets now, only two generations on, from Europe. We cannot now allow Theresa May, a PM by default mind you, so not the best candidate, to drag us down for ever under the domination of a ruthless EU. And now it appears that the EU is after world domination. Sound familiar?

Patria says:-

You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.

Winston S Churchill