Operation Stovewood moving at a snail’s pace – official

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At least 300 paedophile rapists, groomers and sex traffickers face arrest as huge list of suspects drawn up by new police probe into gangs who abused 1,400 girls in Rotherham

National Crime Agency probe ‘Operation Stovewood’ began last year

Says 1,400 victims in town identified by report was ‘very good estimate’

Children were raped, trafficked and groomed by mainly Asian Muslim gangs

Report was critical of police and local authority actions over 16 years


25 June 2015

The massive inquiry into the Rotherham sex abuse scandal could run until at least 2018 and has so far identified 300 suspects, it emerged yesterday.

Investigators say the number of possible offenders is growing on a ‘daily basis’ and they suspect ‘thousands of offences’ have been committed.

The team has seized 92 boxes containing several thousand files and identified more than 3,300 lines of inquiry.

The suspects are ‘predominantly’ Asian Muslims from the South Yorkshire town and include two who have worked for the council. Their victims are mainly English, underage and ‘vulnerable’ girls.

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Patria says:-

Now that the general election is out of the way, South Yorkshire Police and the NCA have no excuse for failing to do their job properly. We hope they will do that job of upholding the law, overcoming any fear of being called a ‘racist’, or an ‘Islamophobe’, by criminal elements who should never have been in our country in the first place.

The police are well paid to serve and protect the public. Let them do it and not pussyfoot around foreign criminals, simply because they have a different religion and a brown skin.

The alien immigrants from Africa and Asia, from countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, etc, are, in the language of the Establishment media, the most ‘racist’ people on earth. Which is the reason the worst criminal elements of those immigrants target our English children for sexual abuse, rather than children of their own race and religion. Their religion forbids the enslavement of other Muslims but encourages sexual jihad against non-Muslims, provided no retaliation need be feared: which the police spent decades demonstrating, not only by failing to uphold our laws, but by pandering as flunkeys to the rapists, pimps and traffickers.

Isn’t treating people differently on the basis of race, ‘racist’? Or does this only apply to less favourable treatment – the sort of treatment thousands of vulnerable young English girls and their parents received from police officers and social workers whose duty was to protect them?

I know it’s difficult to imagine, but just suppose for a moment the situation eighteen years ago had been reversed and criminal gangs of English thugs and perverts had begun sexually to abuse and exploit Asian Muslim underage girls. Do you think it would have taken politicians, police and social workers sixteen years to summon up the courage to tackle this criminal behaviour? Can’t you hear the shrieks of ‘racist!’ from the Establishment media and politicians in the Palace of Westminster, at the first indications of the existence of such a pattern of offending?

Yet even now the politicians, police, media and so-called experts, such as Prof Jay, remain in denial, wilfully blind and unwilling to call the organized sexual exploitation of English children by Muslim rape gangs by its proper name: racist hate crime. By its continuing failure to educate our children about the nationwide threat of sexual abuse by Asian Muslims and the details of how the process of ‘grooming’ actually works, the Establishment demonstrates both its wickedness and its cowardice. Was it the former Home Secretary, Jack Straw, who used the term easy meat in relation to our young girls – or his brother William, the convicted sex offender?

There is one law for the privileged alien immigrants, who permit themselves to favour others of their ilk and another, much harsher, for the downtrodden English, who are expected to favour the foreigners – invading our land in hundreds of thousands each year – at the expense of our own.

What greater hatred can there be than wanting to deprive a great nation like the English of our country? What greater treason than engineering it? For the English, tolerance of the continuing treason of the political Establishment is acceptance of national suicide. We should instead be intolerant of the Establishment’s pandering to evil, which Cameron calls ‘tolerance’. Like Elizabeth I, we should think it ‘foul scorn’.

Perhaps Lib-Lab-Con’s hired help, HATE not hope and Unite Against Freedom, will be able to explain. But, on second thoughts, it’s way above their pay grade. ‘Schlock Horror – Nazis under the bed!’ is more their level.

The ethnic aliens, of course, have an ulterior motive and are disingenuous, but we English should ask ourselves the question: who are the real nazis? A handful of historical revisionists and badge sellers, attempting to exercise their lawful right to freedom of assembly and free speech? Or the Establishment sponsored rent-a-mob of alien thugs, chanting ‘They shall not pass’ and attempting to prevent the exercise of those rights?

Q. Who are today’s Brownshirts?

A. Just as in Germany of the early 1930’s, those of whom the political Establishment slyly approves. Those who are photographed at demonstrations throwing darts, but oddly never prosecuted. Those who strangely have their charges dropped at the last minute, for one reason or another. Those whose organization’s founding mission statement was signed by David Cameron and other MPs. Those whose organization receives generous funding from a number of trade unions. Those whose organization’s steering committee includes the names of alien MPs and trade union leaders.