Open Letter to the Electorate of Westbourne

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Dear Elector of Westbourne

I hope that you need no reminding that this coming Thursday, 17 October, is your opportunity to choose a new councillor to represent you on the Chichester District Council.

As I walked around your village and its environs, delivering my election leaflet door to door, I was impressed by the sheer beauty of this unspoilt corner of England.

It was almost like walking back in time to pause awestruck at the sight of the twin row of massive and ancient yew-trees in the parish churchyard, to cross the old brick bridges and to gaze at the gently flowing river Ems below, with its swans and ducks.

Many English villages these days cannot boast even a single pub. Westbourne has several and a social club as well. And the GP surgery and the many shops, including a convenience store and a fish and chip shop, again mark out Westbourne as a very fortunate and privileged village.

Living in such a salubrious and picturesque environment, it must be all too easy to lose sight of the fact that elsewhere in our country changes are occurring which will, sooner rather than later, impact upon your beautiful village and depreciate its charms, unless a stand is made by the usually silent majority of residents.

The local amenities are already overstrained: schools, hospitals, roads, sewerage, all are struggling to cope with existing demand. And yet the political Establishment – the parties that gave you ‘same sex marriage’ but will not countenance leaving the European Union or ending mass immigration – wish to allow yet more house building on green field sites within the village.

I say it’s time to let the political Establishment know that the people of Westbourne will not tolerate the ruining of their village in furtherance of the fulfilment of some housing quota handed down from Whitehall.

If it were not for their open door immigration policy and subservience to Brussels, there would be much less demand for new housing in any case and of course, many fewer opportunities for the politicians’ friends, the house builders, to cash in on meeting this artificially stimulated ‘need’.

We all know the kind of changes the party that no longer conserves intends to impose on Westbourne. We know what will follow in the wake of those changes.

To send the message loud and clear that such social engineering is unacceptable: vote for your Patria candidate on Thursday, 17 October.

Yours Sincerely


Dr A Emerson
Patria Candidate

(t) 01243 533932