Of criminal invaders and sex offenders against our children

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So the British people have achieved BREXIT and got rid of two obnoxious politicians in the bargain. But whether the new Prime Minister and Chancellor will prove any less obnoxious, and whether the BREXIT vote will win any real measure of independence for the UK remains to be seen.

One threat which Theresa May is doing her best to ignore is the pressure of asylum seekers accumulating in the Calais “jungle” just across the Straits of Dover. There are now nearly 10,000 of them, mostly young men with a steely determination to plant themselves in our country, come what may. The Dover Calais crossing is one of the busiest commercial and holiday travel pinch-points in the world and we are faced with an army of invaders emboldened by their daily increase in size: inevitably, significant numbers of them are getting through.

Up until now government measures to counter illegal immigration have been half-hearted and two-faced. If the present trend continues, our country will be swamped and our national identity destroyed within a few years. Britain is under threat of invasion. Our rulers need to recognise this. They have to put the country on a quasi-war footing and repel the invaders by whatever means necessary.

However it is not the threat of invasion by asylum-seekers that motivates me to pen this circular but something which the public seems far less aware of: the horrid business of child abuse, seemingly entrenched at the highest levels of our administration. In 2009 Channel 4 showed a documentary “The Gangster and the Pervert Peer” exposing the connection between Lord Robert Boothby and the Krays. This was based on an article in the Sunday Mirror in 1964. The story was true but it was deeply embarrassing to our politicians, and the newly elected Labour Prime Minister, Harold Wilson and the Conservative leader, Alec Douglas-Home colluded to have it suppressed. The Sunday Mirror was forced to retract, sack its editor and pay the guilty-as-hell Boothby £40,000. The much needed suppression of the rampant Kray gang by Scotland Yard was delayed for three years.

Do not kid yourself that things have got better in the half century since those times: they have got worse! Social Services and the higher ranks of the police force are deeply embroiled and there are judges who flout the law that they have a sacred duty to administer. Check the UK Column website ( for information about how former victims like Melanie Shaw are treated and the extraordinary persecution of the Docherty couple in NE Scotland when they reported the brazen attempt of a highly connected paedophile to “buy” their son for £25,000. Earlier this summer, a detective constable from the Met gave an interview revealing how investigation of child abuse is blocked. But the government Minister for Police does not want to know and refuses to give any response. We cannot afford to wait until some doubtfully independent Commission issues a report on “historic child abuse” in several years time. We have to be told now what is going on. The state’s huge laundry bag of dirty secrets is beginning to come apart at the seams. We each one of us have a duty to write politely but insistently to the authorities and demand explanations.

Dennis Whiting