Nought shall make us rue…

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Firstly, I would say that the rate of emigration from the UK of our people, that is principally the English, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish, but more particularly the English, is profoundly influenced by the scale of immigration from Africa and Asia, which has been steadily increasing since 1948.

In other words, as the scale of immigration from the Third World has grown, so too has the rate of emigration of our people increased in tandem with it.

There are other related factors too, tending to encourage the emigration of our folk, such as the much higher birth rate of Muslim immigrant groups and the growth of institutional discrimination against our people in education, employment, health care and housing.

Despite the fact that it would be more patriotic of them to remain in their own countries and work to improve their own societies, I do not blame immigrants from the Third World, or former ‘New Commonwealth’ countries, for coming to Britain in search of a better life for themselves, provided they do so legally of course. It was also with a view to making a profit that English merchants first visited the Indian subcontinent.

If people are offered something good they tend to take it. That is human nature. I blame our Establishment politicians from 1948 onwards, many of them also ethnic aliens, for inviting the immigration in the first place and continuing to encourage it up to the present day, despite the unemployment and underemployment of millions of our own people.

I blame them for institutionalizing unfair discrimination through legislation in favour of ethnic alien immigrants at the expense of our people.

I blame them for effectively blurring the distinction between legal and illegal immigration by failing to enforce the law with regard to the latter, thereby bringing the law into contempt.

And I blame them for encouraging the immigrants to believe they have no need to assimilate to our cultural practices. If they settle in our country they must respect our laws and fit in with our way of doing things, whereas the traitorous Establishment politicians have led them to believe that our people will fit in with the immigrants and their ways.

This is particularly harmful and dangerous in the case of Muslim immigrants because of their religion’s supremacist ideology. Power, like nature, abhors a vacuum.

Our political Establishment and officialdom in general, including the police, project an impression of weakness and cowardice in their dealings with Muslims in particular. And this is a provocation to criminal elements that view appeasement (ie, political ‘correctness’ in the name of ‘social cohesion’) as an invitation to further aggression and outrage.

If the political Establishment had really been concerned to maintain and promote social cohesion then they would never have embarked upon their policy of creating a multicultural, ie, multiracial, society by means of mass immigration. Never in the whole of human history has there been a single example of such a society that has been at peace with itself.

The number of immigrants from Africa and Asia and their offspring, has grown so large that our people have become a minority in our capital, London and in at least three other large towns, namely, Leicester, Luton and Slough.

The process of our replacement as a demographic trend shows no sign of changing.

Overcoming every difficulty, however, we in Patria shall reverse it and save our land for future generations of our people.

‘Nought shall make us rue, if England to itself do rest but true.’

King John, Act V, Scene VI