None of the above

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Tomorrow is the big day. I refer, of course, for the benefit of less politically aware readers, to polling day in the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election.

My heart goes out to the electorate of Wythenshawe and Sale East, who appear to have a decidedly unappetising bill of fare from which to choose a representative for the House of Commons.

Two conservatives, an Anglican curate, two monster raving loony parties, a green and an orange tory. What a line-up!

Unfortunately Patria was unable, on this occasion, to give the electors of Wythenshawe and Sale East a patriotic choice. In time we intend to do just that.

Everything takes time and ripeness is all. A new party takes time to grow and to become known to the public, particularly when the ‘mainstream’ media are antipathetic to its aims and policies but have no arguments capable of withstanding its analysis.

A small new party does not need to win seats in order to be noticed. It is enough if it contests elections. It is not necessary to win them in order to continue to grow in size and strength.

Very different is the case of a party that has once established itself in the public consciousness. It needs to continue to build on its past electoral successes, else it stalls and goes into a tail-spin from which recovery is extremely difficult.

Especially is this the case with a party that is ostensibly radical and anti-Establishment. It has but one bite at the cherry. If it is weighed in the balance of prime-time publicity and found wanting then effectively it is ‘game over’, though the verdict of the court of public opinion may take a few years to reach the dinosaur’s brain.

Much as the running dogs of the ‘mainstream’ media and academia would like to dismiss Patria, the new party of patriots, as merely one among hundreds of hopefuls who are all equally unlikely to garner much public support, they would be wrong to do so.

The old order is passing and we are entering a new era of political volatility, an era in which the old nostrums are tested to destruction by ever more powerful forces.

It is in such a sea, though not of our making, that Patria shall swim.