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A small example of how the EU doesn’t want you to know the big picture

Yesterday the EU Commission announced an extra €3 million in emergency aid to Spain, in response to the huge surge in the invasion of African illegal immigrants this year.

“The Commission stands side by side with Spain and fully supports the efforts of the Spanish Government to develop an effective response to the increased number of arrivals in the past months and to protect the external border of the European Union, in particular the coast of Andalusia.”

“The European Commission and the Government of Spain considered it necessary to increase cooperation with all African countries of origin and transit in order to further develop their capacities to manage their borders and address the root causes of migration.”

– EU Commission statement, 03 August 2018


This assistance will mainly support the costs linked to the deployment of extra staff from the Guardia Civil to the southern borders of Spain.


The amount of €3 million which was announced yesterday was on top of another EU emergency aid package for immigration issues to Spain last month of €25.6 million.

This brings the total to €28.6 million.


In addition to the €28.6 million, there is also an EU grant of €55 million for an EU-funded ‘border management programme’ for Morocco and Tunisia, approved under the EU’s Emergency Trust Fund for Africa. This is designed to prevent illegal immigration from those two countries into Spain.

So the headline news announced by the EU Commission yesterday of €3 million is in fact already €83.6 million, of which 66% is being spent on two north African countries outside the EU.

So the total is now €83.6 million, but it doesn’t stop there.


The financial assistance from the EU referred to above comes on top of €691.7 million allocated to Spain under the EU’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and the EU’s Internal Security Fund (ISF).

Please note that all of this analysis only refers to EU expenditure on (mostly illegal) immigration.

This brings the total up to €775.3 million – over a quarter of a billion euros.


In the current ‘MFF’ budget cycle the EU has allocated up to €890 million to Morocco and up to €886 million to Tunisia, as part of its “European Neighbourhood Instrument” (ENI) bilateral assistance.
Note that this only refers to the ‘ENI’ and does not include other EU funding programmes for these countries.

Of the EU’s European Neighbourhood Instrument funding, an extra €35 million was specifically dedicated to immigration issues in the case of Morocco. The specific immigration-related funding for Tunisia is not provided.

Looking at some of the other alleged uses of these “Neighbourhood Instrument” funds, such as “gender equality” and “social protection” programmes, it might be asked whether in fact other parts of the €1.78 billion being provided to Morocco and Tunisia under this set of funds alone are not also being used by those two governments for immigration issues, regardless of their ostensibly intended use.

Sticking to facts available from the EU Commission, however, we can ‘only’ add an extra €35 million to our total in respect of immigration, even though the actual amount from this source of EU funding will undoubtedly be much higher.

This brings our running total of EU funds to ‘prevent’ [manage?] illegal immigration into Spain from North Africa to €810.3 million.


Oh yes, there’s more. Spain has been allocated €37.4 billion from European (ie ‘EU’) Structural and Investment Funds (ESI) for the period up to 2020. This compares with just €16.4 billion for the UK, despite the UK being larger in almost every respect.

It is inevitable that Spain will use at least a small part of this funding for infrastructure in relation to the management of its borders.


“The Commission will continue to show solidarity with Spain, which proved an exemplary European spirit when faced with migration challenges, and is ready to provide further financial or technical assistance.”

In other words, more monies will be forthcoming from the EU to Spain, as the crisis there worsens.

And for the avoidance of doubt, these ‘EU funds’ are being paid for by the UK taxpayer.



We know you’re busy, and perhaps you don’t have time to study the true picture of what the EU does each week.

The problem is that you insist on pronouncing about the EU, without having this fundamental knowledge which the electorate might expect you to have.


Here at Brexit Facts4EU.Org we have this strange principle that we don’t talk or write about matters unless we’re pretty sure we know what we’re talking about. But hey, call us old-fashioned.

We have been researching, condensing, and publishing thousands of facts in the last 3 years, most of them directly from the EU itself. We haven’t manipulated them; they are real.

Yesterday, if you saw the EU’s announcement of an extra €3 million in emergency funding for Spain, you probably dismissed it as being too small to take notice of.

Well we’ve given you a wider picture above. We’ve shown you, using one small example, how €3 million is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve shown you how this €3 million is in fact part of EU funding for Spain – purely in respect of the EU’s immigration crisis – of more than €0.8 billion.

That’s 270 times larger than the headline figure in their tweet above.


Spain is a country which until this year has suffered a relatively tiny amount of illegal immigration, compared to Greece and Italy.

This should give you some idea of the real costs the EU is incurring, thanks to a crisis caused in major part by the crazy announcement of Angela Merkel in 2015 that she was unilaterally tearing up the EU’s Dublin regulation, with no agreement from other countries.


Crucially, there has been no possibility for you to scrutinize any of this in Parliament. Next time you stand up and demand a ‘meaningful vote’ on Brexit, or call for a second referendum, we respectfully suggest that you might first reflect on just how powerless you are in the face of the EU machine.

You might also want to become someone who has knowledge of the facts, before you start speaking.

There is still time for reasonable politicians who supported Remain to alter their position based on all the facts that have emerged since the Referendum.

We urge Remain-supporting MPs to think again, before it’s too late. Don’t be on the wrong side of history.

[Source: EU Commission] 06.55am, 04 Aug 2018


Name: Brexiteer, Braintree, Essex, UK Date/Time: 04 Aug 2018, 11.37am

Message: The EU is only interested in the European projekt, the euro is what binds them. They will do anything to protect the euro and countries that use it. They have got to have more EU to try and make the euro work. Spain has massive problems: high unemployment, banks that are exposed to toxic debts from housing development. But they are members of the eurozone, so must be supported and bailed out at all costs. Failure to do so would see the euro fail, and bring down the whole European projekt. As Germany and France are the driving force behind the EU and the euro they will spend and do anything to keep the single currency afloat. Immigration from Africa is welcomed, the socialist government of Spain is spouting the same mantra that Merkle has about unlimited immigration: “we need immigrants because of our low indigenous birthrates, we need these immigrants to pay our pensions”. The same tactics that were used by NGOs to bring immigrants into Italy are now being used to bring immigrants to Spain: people traffickers tipping off coastguards and NGOs after boats have been launched from Morocco so they get “rescued” and brought to safety. The UK taxpayer is not only supporting benefits recipients in the UK, but benefits for Africa as well as overseas aid – no wonder the level of taxation in the UK is the highest in forty years.

Name: J Slater, Essex, UK Date/Time: 04 Aug 2018, 10.28am

Message: I don’t get it. Why on earth is the EU spending vast sums to protect external borders, e.g. the Andalusian coastline of Spain (810 Million Euros) and YET at the same time the EU are signatories to the Marrakesh Agreement, which invites Africans legally to come into the EU? They are sending mixed messages to the African people and to us. The only conclusion I can draw is the whole 810 million euros is part of a pretence that the EU bureaucrats are solving a problem which actually is of their own making.

Reply: Yes, the Marrakesh Agreement is one of many items on our list to tell readers about.

Name: Don, Brisbane, Australia Date/Time: 04 Aug 2018, 08.38am

Message: I’m emailing to say your site appeals because it covers issues which resonate even in our part of the world. Good luck with what you’re doing. I think most of us would love to see the UK back as an independent country again. I found your articles a few months ago on Australia’s trading relationship with the European Union very interesting, thanks.

Name: Suzie Q, Lancs Date/Time: 04 Aug 2018, 08.27am

Message: Loved this. I know you say it’s a small example but its a really good one and it shows we don’t know how the EU spends our money. It also shows Remoaner MPs they have no control while we’re a member. Some of them sound so stupid when they talk about ‘democracy’ in parliament when they can’t even vote on stuff whilst we’re members of the EU! Pathetic! Another great article. Thank you.