No to the EU’s Four Enslavements!

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Dear Remain voter

Here are some important general points about the EU’s ‘Single Market’, which we hope you will find interesting. In the following article we then show you how the UK’s exports to the EU are falling, and we look at whether the UK’s growth has benefited by being a member of the ‘Single Market’.

1. No other trading bloc in the world:

Demands political obedience

Demands open borders

Imposes its own ‘social’ laws on member states

Imposes its tax system on member states

Imposes its own court on member states

Has its own (failing) currency

Is forming its own army and other armed forces – and you are helping to finance it

Demands a £10bn plus membership fee each year

The ‘Single Market’ should really be called the ‘Single Government’

2. Despite the hype, there’s no visible effect on the UK’s growth rate in 25 years

25 years is surely long enough to see the effects of this ‘Single Market’?

In the article below we show you the falling growth since the Single Market started

If the Single Market is so essential, why didn’t the UK’s growth rate increase?

3. The ‘Single Market’ is based on goods, not services – but only 21% of UK economy is goods

Previous governments (including Messrs Cameron and Osborne) talked of the EU’s ‘completing the Single Market’ as being vital

What they mean is that it should have been extended to cover services long ago

Services make up almost 80% of UK economy

In 25 years, the EU still has no effective single market in services

Generally in the EU, when something’s in the UK’s interests, it doesn’t get done

4. The ‘Single Market’ is intrinsically bound up with EU membership

The term ‘Single Market’ doesn’t appear anywhere in the EU treaties

Instead it is referred to as the ‘internal market’

It includes the four enslavements – goods, capital, trade law and immigration

The EU legal database contains 31,483 documents relating to the internal market – Treaties, International agreements, Legislation, EFTA documents, Consolidated legislation, Preparatory acts, EU case law, Directives, Judgements, Decisions, etc

5. Over 160 countries happily trade with the EU, without having joined the ‘Single Market’

When the UK leaves the EU, trade will carry on

If the EU continues to play politics with EU citizens’ jobs, the UK will trade on WTO terms

Even falling back on WTO arrangements would be better than the current system

No more mass immigration, no more EU-imposed laws, no more EU politics!

Just good profitable trade, the way the rest of the world has done it for years