No to the classroom perversion of our children!

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Dear Marriage supporter

The Prime Minister has stated that compulsory relationships education in English schools will ensure that children of five years old upwards will be taught about “LGBT issues”.

Parents who object to primary school age children being taught about homosexual relationships, including same-sex ‘marriage’, or transsexualism will not be allowed to withdraw their children from class under current legislation.

Speaking at an awards ceremony run by the Pink News website, Mrs May said:

“…we are pressing ahead with inclusive relationships and sex education in English schools, making sure that LGBT issues are taught well.”

A false analysis

Mrs May claims that young children need to be taught about alternative lifestyles because of bullying.

She is wrong. Principles of respect, kindness and sociability are universal and must be broadly applied. They do not require pre-pubescent children to learn about adult sexual relationships.

Materials like these are already in use in primary schools.

The Government’s job is to educate, not indoctrinate. It must be left to parents to decide how and when children are introduced to the complexities of adult relationships.

Later this year the Department for Education will launch a consultation on relationships education. We will write to you as soon as we have more details on how to participate.

Anglican Church to debate same-sex services

The Church of England will debate blessings for same-sex couples following a motion to the General Synod from the Diocese of Hereford.

One major victory of the Coalition for Marriage and our supporters at the time of the legalisation of same-sex ‘marriages’ was a legal protection against these taking place in the Church of England.

This protection means that Anglican churches will not be able to carry out same-sex ‘weddings’ no matter what the synod decides.

However, this initiative is against the spirit if not the letter of the law, so we are notifying those supporters who are Anglicans in time to make their views known before the next meeting of the General Synod in February.

C4M in the news

We have made appearances recently on BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio 2 as well as other national and regional stations, and the Conservative Woman website.

The Coalition has more subscribers than the Conservative Party or Liberal Democrats have members. We will continue to work to reflect the depth of this support in the media over the weeks ahead.

Yours sincerely

Thomas Pascoe
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage (C4M)