No surrender to EU blackmail

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At best, Mrs May looked out of her depth yesterday. She started the day grinning excessively in a photo call with President Juncker. Presumably this was when she was expecting to announce a great triumph for the UK, by signing a deal with the EU to surrender on all three key points under discussion.

The media has focused on the DUP’s role in preventing the abject surrender from taking place. For this, it is quite clear that the rest of the country owes them a debt of gratitude.

However there has been remarkably little comment about the fact that Mrs May seemed ready to agree to the EU’s demands for a ransom payment and for the continued role of the ECJ in the UK – specifically in relation to the rights of nearly 4 million EU citizens.

As we pointed out yesterday, all the EU ‘players’ could barely conceal their delight at the deal they thought was about to be signed. If EU Presidents and MEPs were delighted, we are certain in our minds that any normal leave voter in the UK would have been horrified. Had the phone call between Theresa May and Arlene Foster not taken place, it seems clear that Mrs May would have signed up the UK to a grotesque surrender on every level.

In other words, forget the DUP for a minute. Every single Brexit-supporting MP in Parliament should have been shouting from the rooftops. They should have been making the Prime Minister’s office aware that they would not be able to support the government if it acquiesced on any one of the three issues.

In most governments, the Prime Minister would have been made aware of the views of her party and would negotiate agreements accordingly. The PM would know that he or she would require the MPs’ support for the deal. When it comes to Mrs May, however, we are starting to doubt very seriously that she has any idea of what is and is not acceptable to Tory MPs, to say nothing of what would be acceptable to the country at large.

It would reassure a large part of the country greatly if the body of MPs representing the majority view of the electorate in the Referendum were to start speaking rather more loudly about their ‘red lines’.


Name: R Ellison, UK     Date/Time: 05 Dec 2017, 10.17am

Message: The DUP and Arlene Foster in particular are heroes both for Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. PM Theresa May yesterday was poised to sell us off to the Devil. She is what we suspected all along: a traitor to Britain and a quisling. No more proof is needed. What is more, the Tory Party this morning must realise that she and her Cabinet and Advisors have created total and complete distrust in the Conservative Party as it stands now. Unless they do something immediately to stop her and her advisors, this will almost certainly spell the end for them as a reliable and vote winning Party. After Cameron’s numerous failures and May’s deviousness, the Party must act quickly and decisively. Who in the Conservative Party has the backbone to sort this mess out? There is more than enough outrage at the flagrant deception towards the majority, who voted for a clean break from the EU. Now is the time to act. Remove May from post. Book Remainer T. May and her Remainer banker husband a removal van. Today Parliament must act before T. May does even more damage and mayhem. She stands down or is voted out by the Party and they MUST replace her with someone who is strong, intelligent, honest and most crucially a firm Brexiteer. And a huge apology is owed to the people of Northern Ireland and the DUP. What May tried to sign away yesterday to the EU was subversive, traitorous and totally out of order.

Name: Jon, Wales      Date/Time: 05 Dec 2017, 09.36am

Message: Thank goodness for Ms Arlene Foster. Had she not intervened, our United Kingdom may at this point be in a terrible state. We should not put up with effectively being ‘blackmailed’ by EU negotiators. I thought we were better than that. Mrs May, with great respect, I believe you are perhaps well out of your comfort zone dealing with our exit from the political European Union. This affects everyone in our country, and you appear to be giving in to EU demands far too quickly and easily. Mrs May, may I respectfully suggest you NEED assistance, and ask you to seek help from the Facts4EU team? They have the knowledge and expertise to advise, for which they should of course receive some funding. Facts4EU is non-political, and is therefore not biased towards one party or another. It would be in your interests to make contact for the sake of our great country, even if only for their opinion to further our common cause. Kind regards.