No pandering to murderers

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According to the Scottish newspaper the Daily Record, one of the four murderers of Kriss Donald and their ringleader, has written some psychotic doggerel, in an attempt to glorify himself, which has been submitted to the Koestler Society for a national poetry award.

For the prison authorities to grant this and allegedly other privileges, to one of the perpetrators of the worst murder in Britain within living memory, is a national disgrace.

Let no one forget that this Muslim dastard, who should by rights have been hanged within weeks of his conviction, kidnapped within yards of his home, stabbed and burnt alive an innocent fifteen-year-old boy of our people.

For this, the traitors of the Establishment give him special treatment, as if he were a celebrity? Not content with failing properly to report the murder of Kriss, via the mass media in England and Wales, the Establishment traitors now want to insult his memory and his family, by honouring one of the immigrants who abducted, tortured and murdered him.

What an appalling contrast: on the one hand, the deafening silence of the ‘mainstream’ media concerning the murder of young Kriss Donald and on the other hand, the interminable exposure, which they have given over two decades, to the far less brutal murder of the black adult, Stephen Lawrence.

If any should argue that the reason for the disparity in media coverage of the two cases is that until last year no convictions had been obtained in the Lawrence case, let them read the following article, in which the media censorship and under-reporting of racially motivated crimes against our people, the shrinking ethnic majority of Britain, is documented: Brendan Montague (12 November 2006) “The hidden white victims of racism”, The Sunday Times (London);

What a shameful contrast between the patronage lavished by the Establishment upon Stephen Lawrence’s family and friends and its shabby treatment of the family of Kriss Donald.

How do these Establishment hypocrites sleep at night? How can they bear to see their reflection in the mirror?

The four murderers of Kriss Donald should never be released from prison. If Patria has anything to do with it, they will never be at large again.

Should you wish to protest against government’s pandering to this sadistic murderer, why not contact the minister responsible, the Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, mentioning where you heard about the outrage?

Ministry of Justice: +44 (0)20 3334 3555

Even if you decide not to make a protest against the wickedness of the Establishment’s double standards, by contacting the Ministry of Justice (justice?), at least view the video about the Kriss Donald case which is posted on the Videos’ page of this site.

But watch it in daylight. Watch it when the sun is up.