No one voted to remain in a basket-case EU

By February 20, 2018February 18th, 2021No Comments


In the UK, a majority of the younger part of the electorate is well-known to be pro-EU, having been brainwashed throughout school and university. Fortunately for them, the UK stayed out of the “Let ‘Em All In” Schengen Zone and out of the Euro. Here, the young escaped some of the worst effects of EU-ism and now it seems many of them have no idea about any of this.

In Italy it is precisely the younger Italians who are the most eurosceptic and are mobilizing ahead of the general election a week on Sunday. For them, the catastrophically-high youth unemployment rates are real and are part of their daily lives. Many of them are deeply troubled about the enormous numbers of illegal immigrants now in the country. And no, this isn’t wishful thinking on our part – it’s how the government itself characterizes the situation.

The EU elites will be looking at the coming Italian elections with a great deal of foreboding. So far they have got away with pretending that ‘populism’ and nationalism are on the wane and have mostly been defeated, despite the results in Holland, France, Austria, Germany, and other places in the last 12 months.

We doubt that this will be possible when it comes to the Italian General Election. And one thing’s for sure, if the results are as bad for the EU elites as we expect, Brexit Facts4EU.Org is going to be letting the EU have it with both barrels.