Never mind fast food, ‘diversity’ can be bad for your health

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Son of high ranking Tory MP was beaten unconscious by black girl gang as he queued for food at a KFC

Tom Borwick and girlfriend attacked in restaurant in London’s Leicester Square

Hospitalised after repeatedly punched and kicked in head by black girl gang

Police release images of two women wanted in connection with beating

Mother Victoria Borwick slams KFC for failing to help her son


10 July 2015

Strapped to his hospital bed, this is the son of a high ranking Tory MP after he was beaten unconscious by a violent girl gang as he queued in KFC.

Tom Borwick, 27, whose mother is newly elected Kensington MP Victoria Borwick, suffered repeated blows to the head after being set upon as he waited for food with friends.

The clash with three women spilled out onto the pavement outside the eatery in London’s Leicester Square and the 27-year-old was knocked out.

Detectives have released images of two women they want to question in connection with the violent attack.

Mr Borwick’s MP mother today slammed security guards who she claims failed to come to her son’s aid.

The computer app writer was queuing with friends when they became embroiled in a row with the women over space.

‘Tom was among a group of six friends on a night out in London,’ said Lady Borwick, who was previously Boris Johnson’s deputy.

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Patria says:-

Would this and millions of other ‘black-on-white’ crimes of violence have happened but for the invasion of our country by millions of non-European immigrants, since the arrival of the Empire Windrush in 1948?

Boris Johnson and his ilk, who are not of British ancestry but from a class of privileged ethnic aliens, always seem to think mass immigration from Africa, Asia and South America ‘a good thing’, until they, or a member of their family, are personally affected by it in the way ordinary English people have been from the start.

Cheap domestic servants, such as drivers, cooks and nannies may persuade the rich immigration is a boon, but it always was and still is a curse for our people. Its creation of unemployment and underemployment; its depression of wages and working conditions; its contribution to overpopulation and the urbanization of our countryside; and its inflation of property prices are, with its disproportionate contribution to crime, only the more obvious of its evil effects on society.

Our unguarded borders, social housing, NHS, weak police and anti-English, pro-immigrant laws make our country the destination of choice, not only for the HIV+ of the world, but for the world’s worst criminals too.

The first step towards putting things right is to leave the European Union. Out of the EU we shall be able to put our house in order.

Join us in the fight for freedom!