Never again

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The institutionalized sexual abuse of thousands of mainly English children in the care of local authorities, by gangs of mainly Pakistani Muslims, is a betrayal of the most vulnerable in our society by those whose duty it was to protect them.

After the perpetrators of these frightful crimes, as many as possible of whom must be brought before a court to stand their trial, the social workers, police officers and politicians who pandered to the offenders are most culpable.

Each and every one of them should be brought to account for their misconduct and if found to have been delinquent, must pay the price of their dereliction of duty, or worse, by the loss of their reputation and job and in the worst cases their pension and their liberty as well.

The media too are blameworthy for their persistent failure adequately to publicize a scandal of which they were aware for more than a decade.

Blame the victim and shoot the messenger was the typical response of the rotten Establishment for at least sixteen years.

In the words of William Wilberforce, ‘You may choose to look the other way but you can never again say that you did not know’.

There is much more still to be exposed about the Establishment cover-up of the drugging, rape, trafficking and murder of our most vulnerable children.

For example, to what degree were decisions not to prosecute suspected offenders taken by Muslims within the police and Crown Prosecution Service? To what degree was the Labour controlled Rotherham Council and other apparently negligent councils, in the pocket of Muslim offenders or their relatives?

We know that Rotherham paid for taxis, owned and driven by Muslims, to take vulnerable children to and from school. Did some councillors, police officers and social workers receive a rake-off when the young people in their care were coerced into prostitution and trafficked to other parts of the country by gangs of Pakistani Muslims?

Now that the wheels of justice have begun to turn at last and the media have begun to allow victims’ voices to be heard, there can be no excuse for the authorities not to put their house in order. And this must include not only vital improvements in the quality of care they provide but also the compensation of thousands of survivors of sexual abuse.

If the authorities fail to act against the guilty with all due rigour, then our people will act against them at the ballot box next year.

Our people are beginning to awaken to the truth that the open door immigration policy of Lib-Lab-Con over the last two generations is the root cause of society’s ills.

Without the immigration of millions of culturally unassimilable people to our country, within living memory so peaceful and law-abiding: our vulnerable young people would not have been sexually abused and exploited on an industrial scale; their young lives would not have been blighted or snuffed out; and we would not now be facing a terrorist threat from the enemy within that is predicted to last for decades.

Without such mass immigration and the ideological extremism that gave rise to it, our people would not face unfair discrimination by employers who feel obliged to favour immigrants at our expense.

Without such mass immigration our people would not be, as we now are, at the back of the queue for health care, education and housing.

Without such immigration our people would not be an ethnic minority in a growing number of towns and cities, including London.

Without such immigration our green countryside would not be bulldozed in order to build new homes for a growing population of immigrants and their offspring.

Our people, whose tolerance and hospitality have been abused so badly, should ask themselves the question: does it make sense to trust the same parties that created the mess in which the country is to get us out of it?

Are not these parties and any other whose leader is photographed with his shoes off in a mosque, more likely to make matters even worse?

Patria demands an immediate end to the immigration for permanent settlement of people who are not of British or Northern Irish ancestry and the deportation of all illegal immigrants, failed asylum seekers and foreign criminals.

Patria calls on the Coalition government to allow MPs a free vote on the question of Britain leaving the European Union. A referendum on the issue is a red herring. We joined, in 1973, without a referendum and we can leave the same way. The EU ‘parliament’ is not a real parliament at all. Our UK parliament remains supreme and it is by means of a vote in parliament that our country will exit the EU.

Patria invites other patriotic parties jointly to second our demand for MPs to be given a free vote in parliament on the question of Britain leaving the EU.