Municipal mandarins party on

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The more that Town Hall bosses cut public services, the more they line their own pockets, says LEO MCKINSTRY


12 April 2017

Whingeing by our local authorities about cuts to services has long been one of the depressing soundtracks of daily political life.

Constantly, they indulge in a collective moan about ‘lack of resources’ and ‘under-funding’. In recent months, as post-financial crash austerity policies have begun to take effect, the orchestrated gripes have increased in volume.

Amid dire warnings that basic frontline services are under threat, Town Hall chiefs complain that they have no alternative but to increase the council tax bills of families.

Yet all this bleating could hardly be less justified. The reality is that when it comes to spending, too many councils concentrate on the interests of their senior staff rather than the needs of the public.

What exists across much of local government is an out-of-touch culture of entitlement paid for by taxpayers. How else can we explain why the number of council bosses paid more than the Prime Minister has soared?

A shocking audit by the TaxPayers’ Alliance, an independent lobby group, this week revealed that 539 council staff pocketed at least £150,000 in pay and benefits last year — and 2,314 employees are on at least £100,000 a year, up 89 on the year before.

This obscene pay bonanza exposes the warped priorities that mean key services such as social care, schools, housing and rubbish collection are suffering. This subsidised extravagance makes a mockery of the protests about lack of cash.

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