Mrs May’s deal is Brino and worse than no Brexit

By March 24, 2019February 18th, 2021No Comments

Treason May’s withdrawal agreement, otherwise known as the surrender treaty, is an abomination and a dastardly insult to the nation. It is not Brexit but Brino. It purports to make the UK a rule-taking vassal state and us EU serfs in perpetuity.

It is even worse than staying in the EU because it retains all the disadvantages of membership without representation on the EU Council.

Mass immigration would continue but be renamed mobility arrangements. The annual tribute of billions of pounds would continue indefinitely. Our laws and parliament would continue to be subservient to the dictation of the European Court of Injustice. Independent free trade agreements with non-EU states would be prohibited. EU27 countries would continue to hoover up our fish.

If traitors in parliament accept this betrayal of the nation it will be repudiated on day one of a future patriotic government. The British people cannot be bound by an unjust and oppressive treaty.

It is indeed a pathetic spectacle to witness a prime minister who held all the aces allowing herself to be bluffed and bullied into abject surrender to the EU27. She is clearly out of her depth, lacking both the intelligence and imagination to assert the national interest as it should have been asserted.

She has humiliated not only herself and her party by her craven acceptance of the surrender treaty but more importantly the nation. She should consider her position.