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The bottomless immigration scandal: yet further revelations

by Steve Moxon

A tenth secret immigration caseload dump has been found by John Vine, the Immigration Inspector: boxes of files of non-actioned cases dating back a decade lie in an office here in Sheffield. That coincides with my starting work there (2003). Yes, my old unbelievably surreal place of non-work which was set up as a centre far away from prying London-based journalists, where blame could be laid for the utter dysfunctionality of the Borders & Immigration Agency’s (then the Immigration & Nationality Directorate) haplessly named sub-division ‘Managed Migration’ headquartered in Croydon.
This ‘backlog’ is quite small: only 16,000. The rest add up to well over 300,000. And this is itself tiny in comparison to the total number of those of whom the BIA has no knowledge whatsoever or whom the BIA has completely lost any track – the illegals who are so either by simply overstaying or by using simple frauds to easily get past our immigration non-system.
The media still parrot the wildly inaccurate figure of 600,000 for the total of illegals in the UK, when this is based on a hopeless international comparison not applicable to the UK with its unique combination of special ‘pull’ factors. In any case, the bogus 600,000 total does not include non-workers and dependants, which would straight away take it to over the million. This figure is the result of Blair’s cynical commission of Professor Salt to come up with a figure that would not fuel the immigration debate. The real figure is, of course, in the millions.
It is now almost a decade since I came forward to ‘whistle-blow’ the huge immigration scandal, and just as I predicted there is no sign of appalling stories of immigration system incompetence ever drying up. The revelations in my book, The Great Immigration Scandal, actually understate the dire state of things. Still no sign, though, of an apology from The Independent for its defamation; ditto the Boob and others. I take that as a compliment in the way that the stupid ‘intelligentsia’ cannot bring itself either ever to apologise for their unforgivable treatment of Ray Honeyford after he came forward likewise to cogently attack another appalling manifestation of PC-fascism.
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