Monkey business as usual at the BBC

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Dear Marriage supporter

Last Monday we emailed you highlighting plans by Transport for London (TfL) to drop all language referring to men and women as it is “offensive”.

We spoke out because traditional marriage is based upon recognising that the differences between men and women allow them to complement one another in marriage. Redefining gender undermines real marriage by confusing what it means to be a man or a woman.

As a result of our email, the ban became big national news, being reported by many major newspapers and television news shows.

However, the coverage was biased, one-sided and in many cases refused to quote from anybody critical of this wasteful and extremist measure.

The BBC, which has a legal duty to be impartial, quoted only from TfL and from the homosexual campaign group Stonewall in its online story – despite being provided with an alternative view by the Coalition for Marriage.

The Corporation has a legal and an ethical duty to give equal weight to opposing views in their coverage – an obligation also ignored in their recent reporting on same-sex ‘marriage’ in Malta and Germany, which has been flagrantly one-sided.

Funded by your licence fee, the BBC needs to recognize real diversity of opinion and stop using its privileged position to push extreme ideology down the throats of the public, in clear breach of its royal charter.

Monkeying around with nature

If gender being offensive was not strange enough, lawyers in the United States are using same-sex ‘marriage’ laws to argue that monkeys should be legally considered to be people for the purposes of copyright.

Campaign group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are suing a British photographer on behalf of a crested black macaque monkey which appears in one of his photos. PETA’s lawyers have suggested that if a definition as fundamental as marriage can be redefined to include same-sex couples, so authorship should be expanded to include animals. This would mean that the photographer’s royalties would to go to the monkey.

The Coalition for Marriage has always warned of a slippery slope once politicians took it upon themselves to redefine the natural basis of our society. We have already seen a push to re-define male and female. It now looks like the very idea that a ‘person’ must be legally defined as a human being is also under threat.

Please donate today to support the Coalition for Marriage’s work in supporting traditional marriage and opposing the extremists who seek to undermine it.

Yours sincerely

Colin Hart
Coalition for Marriage