Money talks – with a funny accent

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Yesterday it was disclosed that a foreign billionaire has given a total of £800,000 to a UK campaign group which is committed to overturning the Brexit vote.

US-based billionaire George Soros has donated an additional £400,000, on top of the £400,000 he had already donated, to the UK anti-Brexit group ‘Best for Britain’.

Using his ‘Open Society Foundation’, Soros is backing the pro-Remain group whose goal is “fighting to keep the door open to EU membership”.

Previously Soros had given £400,000 to the group, which launched last year. The group then held a crowdfunding exercise to raise a further £100,000 which Soros agreed to match. Since then however, the news site BuzzFeed has reported exclusively that Soros has increased his funding by a further £300,000.

This brings the total financial backing for interference in the democratic affairs of the UK by this foreign billionaire to £800,000.

Patrick Gaspard, president of the Open Society Foundations, told BuzzFeed News: “The Open Society Foundations believe that British citizens have a right to know whether the UK’s democratic process was undermined during the referendum vote. We are therefore backing Best for Britain’s call for an investigation into the matter and donating a further £400,000 to their campaign for a meaningful vote on the final Brexit proposal.”


If someone donated £800,000 to us it would be a very big deal. It would allow us to increase our resources massively and bring you a huge increase in output, letting you know what was really going on with Brexit. Currently we barely scratch the surface.

Crucially, it would enable us to extend our readership and reach the very wide audience out there that is not being served by the BBC and other news outlets. We would also be able to increase our penetration of the political world [What is the going rate for an MP these days?] when it comes to campaigning for parliament to do the right thing.

We already make an impact, with readership that includes politicians in the UK and internationally, as well as the pro-Brexit readers who get the ammunition they need in the form of hard facts with which to counter all the anti-Brexit and anti-British propaganda they see on a daily basis.

The next time someone from the Remain side tells you that Leave lied and that the Referendum was unfair, just remember this article. A massive, foreign-funded propaganda machine is working to overturn the democratic vote of the British people.

Source: BuzzFeed News 07.50am, 11 Apr 2018