May and Co sleep-walking into EU servitude

By October 5, 2017February 18th, 2021No Comments


Theresa May will not be attending the summit in Brussels on 20th October at which the EU leaders will decide whether to open up Brexit talks to include everything – which would have been normal international practice in the first place.

We have pointed out many times before that subjects other than Brexit have been discussed and agreed at these EU27 summits which excluded the British Prime Minister – something which is not legal under the Treaties – but no-one in the British government seems to want to take this up.

Regrettably this seems to have been par for the course from a government which has taken a strangely defeatist attitude to the Brexit talks.

To conclude, we will mention just one thing about the Conservative Party Conference which most of the media are obsessed with.

Our point is simply this. Having watched speeches by Conservative Brexiteers at the Conference and at its fringe meetings, we can’t imagine Brexit talks would currently be stagnated in this way, had the likes of Boris, Jacob, Liam, and some other top Brexit campaigners been in charge since end-June 2016…