Mass immigration robs the many to give to the rich

By January 12, 2014February 18th, 2021No Comments

Although this excellent presentation by Roy Beck focuses on immigration into the United States, it is equally relevant to the situation here in Britain.

Immigration from the Third World and Eastern Europe drives down the wages and working conditions of our country’s population. And this outcome is foreseen and intended by the political Establishment of the host country.

Mass immigration from the poorer countries of the world is not about ‘helping the poor’ in those countries, still less is it about helping ordinary people in Britain. The real purpose of such immigration is to help the rich (eg, the Establishment politicians themselves, their friends and family) in the host countries, to make them even richer, by supplying an endless stream of cheap labour to be exploited by greedy employers.

Meanwhile our people and particularly our own young people, find themselves surplus to requirements as a direct result of immigration. When they do manage to find a job it is much less secure and less well paid than it would otherwise have been – because of the unfair competition in the labour market of millions of immigrants, both legal and illegal.

One of the most effective ways of helping both the very poorest people in the world and at the same time our own poor people, is to deport the millions of immigrants who are in Britain illegally and also to encourage the voluntary repatriation of ‘legal’ immigrants to their lands of ethnic origin. Once there they will be able to put their initiative, money and skills to use improving their own countries – thereby helping both themselves and future generations of their people. They will be able to give something back to the land of their fathers.

Global ‘benevolence’, as supposedly expressed by countries like Britain permitting (and even encouraging) mass immigration from poorer countries of the Third World, not only misses its putative aim of helping the people of those countries: it positively harms them by doing more harm than good to their economies and societies; it also harms the economically disadvantaged in our own country in order to further benefit the wealthy few, thereby increasing social inequality and reducing social mobility.

As every family knows, it is both right and proper to favour one’s own. To do anything else, such as favouring foreigners at the expense of our own people, is to make of benevolence a watery sham.