1. Immigration and Nationality

On current demographic trends we, the indigenous peoples of the United Kingdom, will be an ethnic minority in our own country within the lifetime of most adults now living.

In order to ensure our people remain a majority in our own land we propose: firstly, an immediate end to all further immigration for permanent settlement by ethnic aliens, that is, by anyone other than persons of British ancestry; secondly, the deportation of all illegal immigrants, foreign criminals, bogus asylum seekers, unlawful jihadists and their relatives, hate preaching imams, and overstayers; and thirdly, the development and promotion of a scheme of financially assisted voluntary repatriation, open to immigrants not of British ancestry and their dependants only. A dedicated ministry, the Department of Repatriation, shall be established in order to forward this process more effectively.

We shall repeal the Human Rights Act, 1998 and denounce the European Convention on Human Rights. We shall deport all illegal immigrants, failed and fraudulent asylum seekers, etc, to their country of ethnic origin or, failing that, to their point of last departure or, failing that, to any other country willing to accept them.

We shall abolish the institutional discrimination practised by public sector employers, most notably the police, against our people and in favour of ethnic aliens. All appointments and promotions shall be on merit only.

We shall repeal the anti-free speech laws on race and religion, beginning with the Race Relations Act, 1965 and including the Equality Act, 2010.

We shall establish a strong and dedicated Border Protection Force with prosecutorial powers, in addition to police powers to arrest, detain and charge immigrants who enter our country illegally, or attempt to do so, or who illegally overstay, or contract sham marriages with British citizens for the purpose of circumventing immigration law.

We shall restore the primary purpose rule abolished in 1997.

We shall abolish the costly anti-English quango known as the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

2. European Union

We shall withdraw from the European Union, denouncing all of its treaties, including EURATOM, making no new ones with it and leaving all of its institutions, agencies and mechanisms. These include its councils, commission, ‘parliament’, courts of justice and auditors, customs union, single market, CAP, CFP, EIB, CFSP and EEAS. Also included is the ‘EU army’, ie, CSDP, EDIDP, MPCC, EDA, EDF, EPF, EUB, MM, ATHENA and CARD, to much of which we were signed up after the 2016 Referendum decision to leave the EU. We shall leave without further delay, without a further referendum and without paying a ‘divorce bill’ of billions of pounds that we have no legal or moral obligation to pay. We shall demand the return of our share of the EU’s assets, to which we have contributed over the last forty-six years. Once we have left, our UK parliament, courts, businesses and people will no longer be subject to the direct effect and supremacy of EU law and the jurisdiction of the CJEU. Following withdrawal we shall trade with the rest of the world via a combination of WTO rules and, initially with non-EU countries only, free trade agreements. We shall then be at liberty to set our own tariffs and quotas, within WTO rules, across the range of our imports at levels which will be most beneficial for each of our home industries as well as our consumers. This will result in much more affordable food, clothing and footwear prices in the shops, an increase in jobs and exports and a vast improvement in the public finances. The balance of payments deficit will be eliminated and the national debt gradually reduced. The vast sums saved by no longer contributing to the EU budget and other EU funds (equivalent to forty-one million pounds per day) will be used to help finance Britain’s re-industrialization and economic regeneration.

3. Economy, Industry and Employment

Globalization, through its deregulation of banking and its off-shoring of jobs to the Third World, has helped bring recession and massive unemployment to British industries and the communities that once relied on them. Accordingly, Patria will erect tariff barriers and establish selective and temporary import and exchange controls, behind the shelter of which our domestic manufacturing industries may again be grown to strength and maturity.

A publicly owned National Investment Bank will provide interest free credit to government in order both to finance the renationalization of key industries, such as energy and to redintegrate the public service infrastructure, such as the railways, upon which they will rely.

We shall ensure that our manufactured goods are, wherever possible, produced in British factories, employing British workers. We have the material and human resources to create an economic and social miracle, a second Industrial Revolution, in what was once and could be again, the workshop of the world. In the process of achieving this the terrible scourge of unemployment and of underemployment will be ended, bringing secure, well-paid jobs for the many, not the few as at present.

A two year, workplace based, National Apprenticeship shall be established. Jointly funded by government and private sector employers, this will provide an alternative route into skilled, secure and well-paid employment for young people of a practical turn of mind.

We believe that British industry, commerce, land and other amenities belong in the final analysis to the British people. This being so, we shall progressively restore our economy and land to British ownership. We shall give British workers a stake in the success and prosperity of the enterprises whose profits their labour creates by encouraging new co-operatives and profit-sharing schemes.

We shall legislate to ensure that no one who is not a British national of at least ten years standing may be employed as a player, manager or coach by a British football club, or represent one of the four home nations of the UK in such a capacity. Similar provisions shall apply to employment in all other sports.

We shall introduce a range of measures to help small family-owned farms, including the establishment of a publicly funded Farming Apprenticeship.

We shall end open field trials of Genetically Modified (GM) crops.

We shall prohibit the import and export of live animals for slaughter.

We shall restore British sovereignty over the sea around our islands, reinstating the former exclusive economic zone of 200 nautical miles in which British fishing vessels had the sole right to fish. We shall help to restore the British fishing industry to its former importance by making interest free loans available to self-employed fishermen and establishing a publicly funded Fishing Apprenticeship.

All exploitative zero-hours contracts, including unpaid internships, shall be prohibited.

4. Law and Order

We shall repeal the Criminal Justice Act 2003, restoring to its rightful place the common law principle of double jeopardy. We shall also repeal the Serious Crime Act 2015.

Patria will increase police manpower, particularly the number of male officers. We will free the police and courts from the politically ‘correct’ strait jacket that hinders them from doing their job properly. The neo-liberal obsession with the rights of criminals must be replaced by concern for the rights of victims and of innocent people not to become victims.

We shall restore capital punishment for the crimes of murder and treason. The right of appeal for clemency to the Home Secretary shall also be restored. Corporal punishment, specifically birching, shall be restored as a sentencing option in respect of crimes of violence against the person.

We shall deprive of British nationality and deport all individuals convicted of a serious crime, who were not British nationals from birth, as well as all foreign criminals not of British nationality.

We shall abolish the costly and subversive Police and Crime Commissioners and revert to the status quo ante.

No one shall be debarred from employment in the Police and Prison Services on the grounds of their membership of a lawful political party.

We shall institute a large programme of new detention centre and prison building and greatly expand the manpower of the Prison Service. We shall end the involvement of the private sector in the management and staffing of prisons and detention centres, as also the probation and after care service.

Prisons must be publicly owned and run, by prison governors and prison officers, rather than prisoners. Illicit drugs and alcohol shall be removed from prisons and those engaging in, or colluding with, their trafficking and consumption, punished.

No convicted prisoner shall be eligible to vote in an election to public office or in a referendum during the term of their imprisonment. Nor shall they be eligible to stand in any election to public office while they are serving a term of imprisonment.

No one who is not a British national of at least five years standing shall be permitted to perform jury service.

5. Taxation and Social Security

Within the term of a single parliament we shall lower the age at which the state pension may be claimed to 60, for both men and women.

Over time we shall fully restore the former value of the state pension, increasing it each year by the greater of: wage inflation, price inflation, or 2.5% (ie, the ‘triple lock’).

We shall introduce a new higher rate of tax at 60 pence in the pound on income above £100,000 per annum.

We shall abolish the under-occupancy penalty, commonly known as ‘the bedroom tax’, in respect of housing benefit.

We shall abolish Value Added Tax and replace it with a graduated sales tax and a purchase tax.

We shall close the many loopholes that encourage tax avoidance on the part of wealthy individuals and multinational corporations.

We shall give HMRC the resources and leadership necessary to prosecute tax evaders, no matter how well-connected to the Establishment they may be.

6. Marriage and the Family

We shall repeal the so-called Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act, 2013 and all Civil Partnership Acts, retrospectively annulling all such combinations in the eyes of the law.

We shall introduce a Married Couple’s Tax Allowance at a rate equivalent to two and one half times the standard personal allowance. By mutual agreement of the husband and wife any unused allowance may be allocated between them as they see fit.

We shall restore Mortgage Income Tax Relief At Source (MIRAS) with a preferential rate for married couples.

We shall introduce a Married Mother’s Home-making Allowance, payable to married mothers whose children live with them. The benefit will be universal and will increase with each child up to a maximum of three. The benefit will replace Child Benefit and Child Tax Credits for married mothers and will be more generous than these other benefits.

We shall legislate to prohibit courts from routinely holding their proceedings in secret when dealing with matters concerning children. Justice must not only be done, it must also be seen to be done.

7. Transport and Communication

Rail, tram and bus transport will be re-nationalized with compensation paid to shareholders as and where deemed appropriate. A substantial programme of public investment will be begun, security will be improved and fares reduced, in order to encourage a greater use of public transport. Conductors will be restored on double-decker buses and guards on trains.

We shall abolish the London Congestion Charge and cancel HS2.

The TV licence shall be abolished and the BBC funded by modest public subsidy paid for out of general taxation.

The Royal Mail shall be re-nationalized with compensation paid to shareholders as and where deemed appropriate.

8. Defence

Successive cuts in the defence budget have left Britain’s armed forces perilously weak. We shall strengthen our armed forces so that they are capable of dealing with any emergency and of defending our homeland and our sovereignty. We shall aim to spend a minimum of five per cent of GNP on defence each year. We shall withdraw from the EU Army (CSDP, etc) and bring back our troops from Iraq, Syria and Germany. We shall close all foreign military bases on British soil and refuse to risk British lives in foreign military adventures in which no British interests are at stake.

We shall strengthen Britain’s independent nuclear strike capability and as in the case of our economy and industry as a whole, endeavour to maximize our self-sufficiency and autonomy.

9. Islam

We shall prohibit the commissioning of any further mosques. There are already more than 1,500 and this number is sufficient for the declining Muslim population we anticipate.

All unlawful jihadists and their relations shall be deported.

The wearing of the burqa, hijab and niqab in public will be prohibited.

All forms of ritual slaughter will be banned, as inhumane methods of slaughter, on the grounds of animal welfare. Where such meat is imported and sold retail it must be clearly labelled halal or kosher, as the case may be.

Public institutions, such as schools, colleges, hospitals and prisons, shall be prohibited from providing halal or kosher meat in their catering, other than as an alternative which is clearly identified as such on menus.

10. Foreign Affairs

We shall abolish all international development (overseas) aid, except in those cases in which such aid is linked to the agreement of other countries to accept for permanent settlement persons not of British ancestry who wish to emigrate to their land of ethnic origin, or whom we wish to repatriate or deport as undesirable ethnic aliens. We shall also abolish the government department that currently administers such aid.

11. Constitution

We shall abolish the House of Lords. The Parliament of the United Kingdom shall thereupon be unicameral, with the House of Commons its sole chamber.

We shall establish an English Parliament, to be elected under the First Past The Post system, which will hold its sessions in the chamber of the former House of Lords. A devolved Government of England, with powers similar to those exercised in Scotland by the devolved Government of Scotland, shall be formed by Members of the English Parliament (MEPs) who control a majority of votes in the Parliament for England.

We shall abolish the so-called Supreme Court, most of whose functions will be assumed by the Appeal Court. There is no need for two appellate courts.

We strongly support the continuance of the Union of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

We are supporters of constitutional monarchy but believe that there is scope for considerably reducing the costs of the extended royal family.

12. Education

We shall restore a statutory provision, similar to the former Section 28 in respect of Local Government, though more generally applicable, to prohibit the propagation of homosexuality as a socially and politically privileged sexual orientation.

We shall restore the option of corporal punishment in schools as a means of helping to restore discipline and good order, both in the classroom and outside it.

Christian Assembly shall be reinstated in all schools that receive public funds.

We shall abolish the current system of student loans and introduce a new state funded grant for higher education (GHE), which will cover both tuition fees and maintenance for students who are British nationals of at least ten years’ standing.

We shall legislate to ensure that parity of treatment is accorded to students at all British institutions of higher education, in respect of fees and grants, irrespective of the location of their domicile within the UK.

13. Energy and Environment

No building on greenfield sites.

Local residents with at least five years’ continuous residence shall be given priority in the allocation of social housing. No one shall be eligible for social housing who has not been a British national for at least ten years.

Housing Association tenants who are British nationals of at least ten years’ standing shall be given the right to buy their home at a discount of up to 50%, after having rented it continuously for a minimum of five years. Local authorities shall have a statutory duty to provide a mortgage on favourable terms for this purpose.

We recognize that the theory of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming is both profoundly flawed scientifically and unproven. Consequently, we shall not determine the energy policy of our country with regard to its prognostications.

Climate change is a natural phenomenon; the climate has never been and will never be stable. To understand the extent of the human influence on climate, the causes of natural changes must be fully understood first. The IPCC dismisses the important role of the sun in natural climate change as evidenced by the climate history and blames mankind for climate change without presenting convincing physical evidence that increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations are the cause of global warming.

Man-made CO2 makes only an infinitesimal contribution to the greenhouse effect, the vast bulk of which is caused by clouds and water vapour in the troposphere. Global warming itself and consequently climate change, as well as being unavoidable because it is principally caused by variations in the sun’s energy output, is also no bad thing for the planet as a whole.

The Climate Change Act, 2008 and the Climate Change (Scotland) Act, 2009, shall both be repealed. The Paris agreement on climate change shall be denounced.

Wind and solar energy have been unsightly and costly failures and public subsidies for them shall be ended.

We shall retain nuclear power generation and introduce new coal-fired power stations, all under public ownership and control.

We see a bright future for the coal industry and will invest in new mines and methods of extraction.

Subject to the satisfaction of legitimate environmental and public health concerns, we shall exploit Britain’s shale gas resources, strengthening energy security and providing cheaper and more reliable energy.

Peak Oil theory is an unfounded, trendy shibboleth to which no regard will be paid in the determination of our energy policy.

The oil fields adjacent to the Falkland Islands shall be exploited in the interests of both Britain and the Falkland Islands.

14. Health

We are fully committed to the restoration of a first class National Health Service, publicly owned and managed, funded from general taxation and free at the point of delivery.

We shall greatly expand the training and recruitment of British, rather than foreign, health professionals, particularly doctors, nurses and dentists. Foreign staff employed within the NHS shall be required to demonstrate an adequate command of the English language as an essential prerequisite of continued employment.

The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) shall be ended, with compensation paid as and where it is deemed appropriate. Britain’s NHS and other public services are not for sale, least of all to foreign interests.

The remuneration of dentists shall be increased in order to make NHS work a more attractive option for them.

Prescription charges and dental charges shall be abolished in England.

It shall be made illegal for healthcare providers to charge patients, their visitors and staff for parking on their premises.

We shall amend anti-smoking law to enable hospitals, universities, colleges, prisons, etc, to provide designated smoking rooms and areas and for public houses, hotels and restaurants, etc, either to do likewise or to choose whether to be smoking or non-smoking establishments.

Neither Sweden nor Japan had any kind of lockdown whatsoever in response to the Covid-19 pandemic yet their deaths per million population are lower than that of the UK, in the case of Japan spectacularly so.

The real scandals include the following: the failure to shield care homes from infection; unnecessarily quarantining the healthy working population; turning the NHS into a Notional Health Service awaiting a Covid surge that never came, while denying treatment to patients with cancer, heart disease, etc; and overstating the Covid mortality figures.

The public health medicine has indeed been worse than SARS-CoV-2 itself. The number of excess deaths caused by the government’s overreaction to the epidemic look certain to exceed those caused by Covid-19. There may well be no second wave at all. But if there is, shutting down the economy only makes a bad situation worse.

15. Democracy

No one who is not a British national shall be eligible to vote in any election to public office or in a referendum. No one who is not a British citizen shall be eligible to stand for election to public office within the UK.

No one under the age of eighteen years shall be eligible to vote in any election to public office or in a referendum. Nor shall anyone be eligible to stand as a candidate for election to public office until they have attained the age of twenty-one years.

We shall repeal the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, 2011 and revert to the status quo ante.

Elections to the devolved parliaments of the UK and to metropolitan assemblies shall be conducted on the First Past The Post principle and via single member constituencies.

Candidate deposits in elections to a devolved parliament shall not exceed the sum required from a candidate in an election to the UK parliament.

No deposit shall be required of candidates for election to a metropolitan assembly.

No new dual citizenship of the UK and another country shall be permitted.

We shall hold a bonfire of the quangos, abolishing those which are superfluous, and in many cases transferring their functions and powers to existing local authorities.

We shall end the practice of granting postal votes on demand and require a good and sufficient reason to be provided by every applicant for a postal, a proxy, or a postal proxy vote.

We shall end the practice of proxy voting in the UK parliament, though ‘pairing’ is considered acceptable.