Man up, Mrs May!

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Name: W. Alkaway Essex UK

Date/Time: 30 Nov 2017, 11.19am

Message: Prime Minister Mrs May is seen by the EU as an easy touch. Also up for criticism is the EU Brexit Negotiator, Mr Barnier. By his latest hate speech here is someone who is clearly incapable of concluding a fair deal with the UK. He is Mr TAKE IT ALL and GIVE NOTHING. The EU has absolutely no intention of coming up with a fair deal on Brexit. That is clear. As the British people voted to Leave, no amount of hectoring and unreasonable and nasty demands, by Mr Barnier and his fellow EU dictators, will convince Britain that we want to have any further dealings with them. They are the ones who will really suffer when we turn away. The moment should be soon. Why would the British Government stand by and watch the EU savage us? The stakes are too high. Forget the people at their peril for we’ll vote out the current Tory Government at the next General Election. The Nation is watching … and waiting.

Name: Brexiter Braintree Essex

Date/Time: 30 Nov 2017, 09.13am

Message: Having read the full script of Barnier’s speech you get the full impression of contempt and bile he holds for the UK. How dare the UK Government think for themselves, abide by a democratic vote. He implies that the British are cowards, rejecting his wonderful united Europe and running away from the Islamic terrorist threats. Not once does he acknowledge the work done by our security services, GCHQ, which is far superior to anything the EU can offer. That GCHQ, through the British Government, alert other countries to impending terror threats. The fact that the French and Belgian security services don’t always share information with each other, let alone the rest of the EU members. Nowhere in this speech does he mention that importing one and a half million undocumented Middle Eastern migrants by Angela Merkel might have something to do with the security situation. He implies that the UK are so minor, when we have left the other 27 countries won’t notice, except for our cash contribution of course. Reading the contempt with which the UK are held by the EU chief negotiator, I am relieved we are leaving. I cannot understand why the British Government want to “seek a special and close relationship” with the EU. The EU is clearly only interested in the UK for our market to sell goods to, and the monetary contribution we make to the EU budget. March 2019 cannot come quick enough to be rid of the tentacles of this increasing undemocratic and totalitarian cartel.