Man does not live by bread alone

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Changing Attitudes

by Dick Franklin

Patria publishes its policies and objectives clearly. We are saying if you vote for us, this is exactly what we will do. I think this is a very good practice and sets us apart from the “mainstream” parties, whose policies seem to change every time the wind blows. We have a Conservative Party which conserves nothing, a Labour Party which only seems to be interested in foreign labour and a Liberal Democratic Party which has the worst of both.

Since 1945 at least, there has been a constant process of social engineering designed to completely denigrate traditional British values. So that what once would have been unthinkable is now regarded not only as normal but also as virtually compulsory. Anyone who steps out of line with this sinister ethos is vilified, ridiculed and if all else fails is dragged through the courts. “Newspeak” as envisaged by George Orwell is growing by the day. It is only a very short step from “hate crime” to “Thought Crime”.

So how has this come about? The means used are the ones we all know, the mass media, Marxist inspired educational policies, the dead hand of legislation and oppressive political police forces. It is a process of small steps, ratcheted up a step at a time. More and more we see rational thought replaced with sloppy sloganising, insults and threats.

The implementation of nationalist policies and the rolling back of these anti-life attitudes will go a long way to restoring reason and our natural patriotic instincts. However even when all nationalist policies are being put in place, there will still be a mighty task to finish. This will not happen overnight, it may take generations. So be it, we must equip those who come after us with the tools to continue this work.

This will have to be no less than a great spiritual renewal. I use the term in its widest context. That is, that each member of our nation must take it as axiomatic that they are part of something greater than themselves. This is our British Nation, its history, culture and racial integrity. The current obsession with material possessions needs to be put in its proper place. Money, in all its forms, must be the servant of the nation not its master.

We need a sense of purpose which will include a love of family and country as well as the determination to provide the basics of life. What we do not need is a lot of artificial demand created by those who are lost in the pursuit of materiality. This only ever leads to ever increasing demand for “growth”, rather like a drug addict forever chasing the next fix.

In his inaugural speech in 1961, President Kennedy used the term “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. Apparently this was a term he cribbed from a former teacher, but it is a sentiment with which I wholly agree. We must escape from this pit of squalor into which our “progressive” politicians have driven us. If we are to go forward as a proud and patriotic nation, we need a revolution in spirit and attitudes which must go on long after our political objectives have been met.