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Ashers case seems set for UK Supreme Court

Dear Marriage supporter

Northern Ireland’s Attorney General, John Larkin QC, is seeking to refer the Ashers case to the UK Supreme Court.

The NI Attorney General has the constitutional right to do this. Mr Larkin believes that the laws used against Ashers Baking Company may not be valid.

So it looks like the UK’s top court will get to examine the McArthur family’s case in the coming months. We will keep you posted.

Public back Ashers, new survey shows

It’s now clear that the general public firmly support freedom for Ashers, and other businesses like them.

A new survey by ComRes shows that 69% of those who expressed a view backed the freedom of Christian bakers to decline to produce a cake bearing the words “support gay marriage”. Of the 2,000 respondents, only one in six (16%) said there should be legal grounds for bringing the case.

Around two-thirds of people also said that other business owners and shopkeepers should not face legal action for declining customer requests which conflict with their consciences.

Asked about a Muslim printer who refuses to print cartoons of Mohammed, only one in ten (11 per cent) said they should face court action, with almost seven in ten (68%) saying they should not.

Dr Sharon James, speaking for C4M, said: “This survey is a real eye-opener. It shows that the majority of people believe that businessmen and women who hold religious or philosophical beliefs should not face being sued for declining to provide services that promote the views of those they fundamentally disagree with.

“The fact that they are being sued – and losing – shows that laws protecting free speech and freedom of religion need to be reviewed. They are failing to protect people from legal action for simply holding traditional beliefs, or unconventional and challenging views. The law – or its interpretation – is out of step with mainstream public opinion, which embraces diversity, dissent and debate.”

C4M has repeatedly warned that more needs to be done to protect free speech on traditional marriage and that out-of-control political correctness is driving “state-sponsored harassment” of those with traditional beliefs.

ComRes interviewed 2,000 people between 4th and 6th November 2016. Full results available on the ComRes website.

Manx ‘marriage-lite’ option

A man and woman have registered the first heterosexual civil partnership in the British Isles.

Kieran Hodgson and Adeline Cosson took advantage of new legislation recently passed by the Isle of Man’s Parliament, which allows same-sex ‘marriage’ and opposite-sex civil partnerships.

Manx legislators have massively undermined marriage by this move. On top of redefining marriage itself, allowing heterosexual couples to choose a civil partnership introduces ‘marriage-lite’ – without the lifelong commitment or responsibilities of marriage.

Thankfully the Westminster Government rejected heterosexual civil partnerships in June 2014 after a public consultation found that over ¾ of respondents were opposed. If heterosexual civil partnerships were introduced in the UK, it would be likely to cost the country between £3bn and £5bn.

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